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Monday, July 17, 2017

¡Canta y no llores!

WHAT A WEEK! Oh my goodness this week was INSANE! But good... mostly.... yeah I'd say it's still been a pretty good week.

     Okay first things first...... INTERCAMBIOS! Well, intercambio, the best longest intercambio of my life. I got to spend some lovely days with my cute sister Hermana Jarman. She is legit my FAV. She hasn't been feeling good all week so I spent the weekend with her. And in spite of all the pain and hardship she had to pass through, I legit have never seen anyone come out so strong. She is an example to me of humility, love, sincerity, confidence and accepting the Lords will no matter how difficult. She is an inspiration. When she becomes a public speaker I invite all of you to listen to her and share her YouTube videos with all your friends. She is fantastic!

     After the intercambios we were put into a trio with the lovely Hermana Estrada. She and Hermana Ibáñez were MTC comps. It's actually kind of funny, last transfer I was sad thinking I'd never get a native comp and now, I have TWO! They are so funny together and we have not been getting any sleep at all because we can't stop talking haha. I love them dearly and we have been working pretty well together. 

     As far as the work goes, all is well! We had a few investigators come to church! Whoot whoot! Antonia came for the third time yesterday! She goes out of town soon so we are still figuring out a baptismal date :) Also, I wrote about how our friends Sandra and Pedro gave us a reference, well they just went all out and brought two friends to church with them. It was awesome. They both went to gospel principles with us and were able to keep the class on topic and share their testimony when we learned about latter-day prophets.

     I'm so grateful to be a part of this work! And all of you at home are part of it too. As my time here in the mission shortens, I realize more and more that it doesn't stop when my mission is over. Gods work is eternal. I invite you all to take part in the work and to receive the blessings that come of it! Whether it be through Family History or simply inviting a friend to know more, no effort is ever wasted.

     I hope you all have a great week full of all sorts of goodness!

Awkward besos and side hugs,
-Hermana Warner

We found grass... I'd say that's picture worthy #citylife

This growing wall is also pretty legit. #naturegraffiti

Obnoxious glamour shots, smiling in spite of pain #myhero

Monday, July 10, 2017

I love to see the Temple

Hello family and friends,

   So, actually a lot has happened since my last email. I mentioned that we had intercambios with the Hermanas from Aranjuez. I was with Hermana Penner and it was awesome. She's great. All of the plans we had fell through (how odd) and again we were left to fend for ourselves in the streets of Madrid. Luckily we were able to pass by a less active friend who is never home and that day she was! Afterward the lord blessed us with a miracle lesson and we were able to teach a new friend Emilia a lesson in the park. It was such a blessing. There are people looking for the truth wherever you go, it doesn't necessarily matter if you think they are ready or not. :)

   The rest of the week it rained, no, POURED! There were no lie rivers in the streets and the garbage act as the artificial fish. We were blessed with appointments so we didn't have to be out in it very much but it was CRAZY! 

   On Saturday we then had an emergency intercambio because one of my best friends here is sick. She and I have been together since Saturday Morning. She is legit one of the strongest people I know. She's in a lot of pain but she's been eating and has been able to sleep more since I've come. We haven't been able to do a lot of work but I know I'm exactly where I need to be. 

   There is a good chance I will have P-DAY on Saturday so heads up! But if I don't email on Saturday just know I'll be there on Monday or I didn't have time :) 

The Lord knows what he's doing!

Loves to all!
Hermana Warner

Making pancakes

I love my sisters! #lockedinpisoglamourshots

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

***Land of the Free, Home of the Brave***

Hi and happy 4th of July!!!

Man I love America. Hands down my favorite holiday with Christmas. I hope you all spent it well, and if you didn't I would admonish you to repent and re-celebrate it. I'll be celebrating it again for real in October when I get back and you are all invited! #bleedingredwhiteandblue.

This week was well hmmm we worked with and visited the members a lot this week. I think I mentioned this before, but we have the goal as a mission to all be able to teach clearly and powerfully the message of the restoration in under 4 minutes, then to share that message with every single member in our mission. It's been really awesome so far. As I have learned to teach this important message quickly but thoroughly I've been able to teach it more effectively in normal lessons as well. The coolest thing about it is that we are getting to know all the members! We have about 180 members coming every week and not going to lie, kinda hard to keep track of all of them. Respect to the missionaries serving in the states who are over stakes. But when we went to visit a dear friend Sandra (member) this week she welcomed us in as if she had called us and invited us over and had been waiting like a week for us to come. She started laying out a plan with her husband about how we are going to teach her sister the gospel and also how we were going to keep her recent convert friend active. Wow. I'm grateful for the revelation that President Pack has received for the mission. 

We have a cute friend Isa Mar that I think I wrote about before, well, she's doing really good! She has the best questions! She came to church last week but wasn't able to get much out of it because her son didn't let her leave. This week we just let him run around the Gospel Principles class and she had so many great questions for the class, like, "How can I know what the spirit feels like?" And others similar. It was awesome! She's progressing really well and although her mom isn't too into the Mormons, she has a baptismal date for the end of this month! Please send your prayers her way!

Guess who else came to church..... SANDRA!! It's been like 5 weeks I think without her in church. I thought for a second that we may have lost her, but our dear members have continued to reach out to her. She told us that she knows she needs to go to church and that she is so much happier and less scatterbrained when she comes. We are moving more slowly with her but I know that when it's her time she'll make the covenants she needs to to have the fullness of happiness she's looking for.

This week we also had an awesome intercambio with Hermana Tang and Leong. They are both my favorite. It's super cool, they are the first Chinese speaking missionaries here! They teach in English, Spanish and Chinese. It's crazy and it's really difficult, but they are rock stars. I was with Hermana Leong. I wrote about the time I was with her and she prayed that we could meet with another investigator, and this week another tender mercy occurred. We needed to get into our piso but didn't have a key to the portal so we were kinda just left in the street waiting for someone to let us in. We waited for a good few minutes and I remembered the experience we had with prayer last time so I suggested we pray in front of the martial arts gym across from our Piso that we would be able to get in. I prayed this time and to what shouldn't have been my surprise, we walked across the street and made it to our door at the same exact time as our neighbor who had a portal key. It was so simple but it was important to us in that moment. Still just so grateful for prayer.

We also had intercambios with the awesome Hermanas of Aranjuez but I'll save that for Monday so I have something to write about. (: Happy Temple day to everyone! I hope that you friends in Utah are taking advantage of the blessing to have so many temples so close. If you aren't going every month I would invite you to do so.

Have a great week!!!

Hugs and besos!
Hermana Warner

Hermana Tang and Leong
"You're a brat." --Hermana Tang

Monday, June 26, 2017

The BOM is the best. Read it.

Dear fam,

Last week feels like a month ago. So much has happened this week I can't even believe it. We had mission council on Tuesday, on Thursday we had intercambios with the Móstoles Hermanas Moyle and Vannucci, Friday we had interviews with president, and Saturday we had a ward church cleaning activity. So yeah, really busy and a lot of running around.

Right now our mission is focusing on using the Book of Mormon and teaching the message of the Restoration simply and clearly. President Pack has challenged us to read the entire BOM by the end of the transfer (July 24) in order to do so we need to read like 20 pages a day. He has also invited us to teach the message of the Restoration to every single member in our mission in under 4 minutes. It's been really fun practicing and improving in teaching in this way, as we make the time we have less we are able to really focus on what's important in the lesson and it has also helped me in improving my Spanish to speak more clearly.

But more than anything, we've been focusing on receiving revelation and acting on impressions by the spirit. On Saturday we had a few plans and some back up plans in the evening. And like any usual Saturday night, the people who actually "have time" to meet with us, failed us and we were left to pass by a few old investigators. As we were switching trains in the metro (subway) we found the Elder's recent convert Alexandra. Although we had planned to go to the other side of town, when she asked us where we were going and what we were doing, without hesitation I replied, "We're going to go get some ice cream and you're coming with us." My comp had the same impression so we just went with it. Alexandra's the only member in her family and has been working a lot. With all the other trials she's been facing recently, she felt overwhelmed and confused. We were able to share a small message with her and more than anything, we were there to listen to her. It was a really small thing and may even seem insignificant, but I knew in that moment that I was exactly where the Lord wanted me to be, doing exactly what He wanted me to do.

Although not everything went our way that night, it went the Lords way, there is always a reason and always a solution to everything we go through in our lives. As we look out and think of others we will be more able to find those reasons and we can become the instruments in the Lord's hands.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve a full-time mission. It's such an incredible blessing that I wouldn't trade for the world. I know that God lives, He loves us so He sent His son to show us the way. He has given us living prophets to lead us and direct us today. May we all have the courage to serve others and share with them this marvelous message. Thank you for all the prayers and support!

Have a fantastic week all of you!
-Hermana Warner

Monday, June 19, 2017

Baking cookies on the pavement

Hello Summer!!

Holy cows and alpacas! IT IS HOT! I am legit melting. Well not right now, Heavenly Father blessed us with a cloudy day. I legit have never sweat so much in my life. And it's only June. CRAZY! So this week went by pretty quick. We are still getting in the hang of things and with the change in climate the people we like to visit haven't been available, but that's okay, we've been making new friends.

We did get to meet with Isa Mar again! She is such a cutie! She is looking for the truth and knows she can find it with us. We are excited to get her more involved with the the ward.

Miracle moment. On Monday we met with our new friend Javier for the first time. He's an writer and is fascinated with he Book of Mormon. We had set up a follow up appointment but he ended up being out of Madrid for work. Luckily there was a lovely lady sitting right next to us, we started talking with her and were able to teach the first lesson. And guess what! She lives in our area! Miracle. Even though our plans didn't work out, God had another plan for us. I'm grateful for how attentive He is and for all He does o help us in His work.

Yesterday we also got to meet with our new friend Antonia. She is one of the most faithful women i have ever met. She shared with us her experiences in her life. God has always provided and she trusts firmly in Him. But more than that, she understands that faith without works is dead. She truly is a woman of action. I'm so excited to see how applying the gospel in her life will bless her. She's definitely one of the elect.

Well this week in a nut shell was an adventure. I love Hermana Ibáñez, I'm already learning so much from her! She's so patient with me and so good to me all I can be is grateful. I also feel like my Spanish is getting so much better! Whoot whoot! I'm so happy to be here in barrio 9 and with her. 

Sorry not the most exciting email, this week we will be having Concilio and intercambios with the sisters of Móstoles again so I'm sure next week's email will be more fun. I hope you all have a great week!!! 

Loves and hugs,
Hermana Warner 

She be teaching me how to cook good food #blessings

Monday, June 12, 2017

Llaollao sounds really good right now

Buenos días! 

Que tal todo!? I hope all of you are doing so well and enjoying your little taste of summer! Can I just say time goes by ssooooooo quick. I feel like I just got here in Barrio 9 (Carabanchel) but I've already been here for three transfers (18 weeks). Today I had to say goodbye to one of my dearest companions and friends. Hermana Snyder is such an incredible missionary and I'm grateful everyday that I've had the opportunity to serve with her here in Carabanchel. I've learned so much with her these last three transfers and I wouldn't change it for anything. 

     Now I'm sitting here in Chamartin waiting for my new comp... drumroll please *insert my flailing my arms and legs around slapping and kicking everything in reach, including Hermana Tang, (sorry Hermana Tang)* HERMANA IBÁÑEZ!!! Whooooo whooooo whiooo whooo whooooooottttt!!! The crowd goes wild children are crying, chavales are screaming and everyone's so excited to welcome this Bolivian model with open arms and lots of food *shout out to all the good food here👌* I'm actually pretty excited, I haven't had a native companion yet so I'm really looking forward to learning from her. We have a super busy and exciting transfer ahead of us, I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store.

     Well this week was a roller coaster, well this whole transfer has been haha but it's been incredible. On Tuesday we had an awesome visit from our 70 friend Elder Gay. He served here in the Spain Madrid mission 40 years ago. It was rewarding to take a step back and look at the mission in his eyes. He explained that there was not even a church building when he served here, they held sacrament meeting in the kitchen of their small shared Piso and had to ask the Jehovah Witnesses to use their baptismal font. He spoke to us about how missionary work is a revelatory work and how we can receive that revelation. It was really refreshing and eye opening and I am already finding the mission so much more rewarding as I've been applying what I've learned.

     Right after the visit of Elder Gay I went on an intercambio with my cute friend Hermana Jarman! Ah I just love her. We taught an interesting and very funny guy from New Zealand and organized a mission week for the ward in Leganes. She's such a cutie and I love spending time with her!

     The rest of this week was legit a blur. We taught Sandra again and we are going to keep meeting with her, thank you for all the prayers in her behalf! Poco a poco. We also met with a new friend JAS(YSA) Armando, he even came to the ward JAS activity we had yesterday and is starting to get  involved. Then on Saturday we met with our new friend Isa Mar!! She is so great and I look forward to all the lessons to come with her :)

     All in all things are looking pretty up here in B9. I'm going to miss Hermana Snyder a lot #shesfamilynow but I know she and I are where we are suppose to be. I'm so grateful for this last transfer and can't wait to start running into this one. I hope you all are doing fantastic and that your week is full of stories and memories that you can tell me to, Oreos :) 

     Love you all!
Hermana Warner

Hermana Snyder

Sushi with Hermana Jarman

Dream district ft. Carpenter, Chandler, Taylor, Knaphus and Snyder

Helping our new friend catch his train with Hermana Tang

Monday, June 5, 2017

This transfer is just flying!

¡Buenos días queridos míos!

What a week! This transfer is just flying! Anyway, last week I talked about the activity we had and how it was a huge success... that is until the after effects. One of the sauces wasn't prepared properly and the whole ward got sick who ate it. Luckily I declined the kind offer to smother my potatoes in it, but there were many others who unfortunately didn't, including many new friends and my companion. (When I say "friends" I am usually referring to people we have plans to meet with teach them about Christ and His church) So the start of the week was a little rough in that aspect. But Hermana Snyder has been strong and the members have allowed her to choose her portion of food #blessings 

On Monday we bid farewell to our cute friend Cecilia, she no longer lives in our area and has plans to move back to her country if she doesn't find a job in the next week. The lesson was centered completely in Christ and His Atonement. I'm so grateful for the blessing it is to have a testimony that I know Christ knows exactly what I'm going through. He knows how to help me and make me stronger than I am. He has lead me and guided me through His perfect example, revelation and through His faithful servants. I'm grateful for His Grace, patience and love for each and every one of us
In my last email I talked about our friend Evelyn, well we were able to meet with her again this week and she is incredible. When we met with her last week we were on intercambios with the Barrio 3 Hermanas, I was with Hermana Leong and Christensen. I feel like I learned so much from that intercambio about faith, patience, diligence and just using common sense. So I said we found her in the street again and set up an appointment for Friday. Hermana Snyder and I were kind of running around because we had a lunch appointment and then needed to pick up the B3 Hermanas we had the lesson written down for 4:30 but because of all the craziness, we got there a little late. We rang her doorbell (the little box outside the gate of the apartment building) no answer. We rang it again 2 more times and I started to feel a little discouraged. I then tried calling her and her cousin who wanted to meet with us as well. Neither of them answer. I began to think, "Are they even interested? Why do they never answer us?" The three of us (Hermana Leong, Christensen and I) sat down to make a plan. We figured we should probably just leave when Hermana Leong offered to say a prayer. In her cute broken Spanish plea, she helped Heavenly Father understand our situation. She also explained how important it was for us to teach Evelyn so that she too could have the truth and happiness that the gospel brings, we also wanted to give her a little jar of goodies we made for her birthday. As she closed, we decided not to give up and at least drop off the goodies on her doorstep.(not as easy as it sounds) 

Someone went to the gate and we were able to get in with them to wait outside the actual apartment building. We went to the entrance and to our happy surprise someone was exiting and allowed us to enter. We then hiked up the 4 flights of stairs to her door we were placing the jar of goodies on her place-mat when the phone starts to ring. I answer and it's Evelyn! She explained that she was taking a nap and asked if we were close I told her we were at her door mat an she opened the door. 

We were able to teach her in unity about he importance of prayer, reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church. It was perfect and I felt pretty good, we taught her the lesson, all is well. But instead of closing Hermana Christensen decided to teach me a lesson. She turned to Evelyn, looked her straight in the eyes and asked her, "Evelyn, why did you decide to meet with us?" Evelyn really opened up as Hermana Christensen continued to ask her questions and truly listen to her response.

At times I get so caught up with the to-do lists that I forget even why we have them. I wasn't there to teach a lesson I was there to teach Evelyn. Hermana Christensen recognized that and helped me to recognize that as well. I'm so grateful for her example and for the opportunity I have to work with her, Hermana Leong and so many other incredible, faithful individuals.

This week we went on two other intercambios back to back. I worked with Hermana Storheim from Grand Junction and Hermana Webster again from Houston. They are both just fantastic sisters and it was such a blessing to work with the two of them. 

I'm learning so much everyday. I am so grateful for the mission. It's nothing I ever imagined it to be but it's more amazing than I could have ever hoped for it to be. I'm so grateful for Hermana Snyder, her example to me and her 100% dedication to serving the Lord. Every week we have our ups and downs but the ups always out shine the downs. I wouldn't trade the time I have here for the world. 

Thank you all for all the support, love and prayers! I am truly just so grateful. I hope you all have a wonderful week full of tender mercies and smiles!

All the awkward besos!
Hermana Warner

Hermana Leong, me, Hermana Tang, Hermana Snyder, Hermana Christensen😍

Muumuu sleep over with Hermana Storheim and Kletzli👌😴

Hermana Jarman and Hermana Webster 😘
Oh yeah, heads up, transfers are next week.