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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Week Three!

Hello there friends! This has been an eventful crazy awesome fun and stressful week! first off we go to tour a little bit of Spain last p day which was so fun!! I love Spain!! I have some cute pictures i´ll put on the end! So I kinda talked a little bit last time that we have this thing where we get to go contacting at the park every Saturday, This week my Park Comp was Sister >McCord, she is serving her mission in Russia I think Moscow and she and the other Russo's were here learning Russian haha it´s weird but true! anyway, I´ve looked up to her since day one so going to the park with her was a huge tender mercy for me. before we left we made a goal and prayed for help, our goal was to talk to 35 people, get 33 referrals, place 5 BOMs and hand out 15 pamphlets. we got on the metro and boom we´re contacting, the first lady we sat by was super friendly and i don´t know how (yes I do I´m a missionary and God blesses me) but we just started talking, she could understand my improving Spanish and I could understand about 80% of her beautiful Spanish. anyway, come to find out, she lives super close to the temple but isn´t a member and knows like nothing about the church, she accepted three pamphlets, a BOM and gave us her contact info as a referral and it only went up from there. we were able to do so much even though I´ve only been here 2 weeks and my companion could only speak English and a little Russian, we were even able to find two people who actually spoke Russian so that was super awesome for her to practice with her mission language.
last week also happened to be fast Sunday and Easter, so we started our fast before we went to the Park, I decided to fast for the people who could potentially become investigators that they would start preparing them selves to receive the gospel, and I know that had a lot to do with contacting. Over all we were able to talk to 70 people, hand out 28 pamphlets, get three referrals and place 7 BOMs! it was fantastic! This is truly The Lords work, were it not for Him i would not be able to speak this language or help people come unto him. I'm so grateful that He is permitting me to do his work!
Easter was incredible, we had three testimony meeting because this Sunday was the last Sunday that the Russo's and French were here. I love them all and I´m so grateful for the time i had to get to know them and learn from their testimonies and experience, they had been in the Provo MTC and Here for 9 weeks before they left so they were super ready to go and super obedient. They all left on Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday evening we got two more Spain Missionaries!! Yay!
My zoné leaders are Elder Delani and Elder Waters, Elder Waters is probably the funniest guy i have ever met Haha! and Elder Delaney is super spiritual and mature like. their companionship dynamic is priceless, Elder Waters is probably the perfect combination of Jim Halbert and Dwight Shrewt put together in a tall lanky missionary haha he keeps our class awake even when he isn´t haha! Elder Delaney is super good at soccer he´s been playing for like 18 years and has determination you can´t fake, he is one of the hardest workers here and I´m really glad he is in my district I learn a lot from his testimony.
My district leader is Elder Wright, he´s pretty funny too because of how he responds to Elder Waters. Elder Waters is super loving and in the color test is like full on yellow, so he´ll always tell Elder Wright how much he loves him and stuff and it just freaks Elder Wright out and he always makes sure to go the extra mile to make sure that everyone knows that they are NOT in a bromance haha! Elder Wright is the guy who has to have the cool hair and expensive ties, they used to be in a tripanionship (Delaney, Wright and Waters) but we just got a new guy Elder Mofatt who is now Elder Wrights new comp. which is good but Elder Waters and Wright still have they´re days and it is priceless. I feel like the combination of the three of them make up my Bro Brayden perfectly, he can be chill and mature when he wants to but usually he is like Elder Waters and is totally funny and ... interesting... but at the same time you, Brayden i´m talking to you, try to be super cool with your ´mandatory´customized Vans haha, needless to say they and my bro are probably the most entertaining people. any way Elder Mofatts from Cali and was in the Provo MTC before he came here, I don´t know him very well but he doesn´t really know anything about Spanish so in language study i try to help him out because boy is he lost and boy am i bored. I highly recommend taking 5 years of Spanish before you go on a Spanish speaking mission.
aside form mi compañera y yo, we have to other sister´s in my district, they have also been called as the Sister trainers, they are sister Curtis from SLC and Sis Campbell from a cute lil town in texas yeehaw! They are my favorite! Sister Curtis is so funny! She is shorter than me (hard to belive) and she and I always share the best facial expressions from across the room! haaha Sis Campbell is the sweetest she is always serving, smiling, huging, and praying! I want to be more like her, what a cutie!
Well times up but here are some pics! I will write more next week! Love you all and I hope your week is Great! also I have no idea where these pictures are taken but hey its Spain and its a beaute. and the architecture is all for Jessica! I hope you like them! I will send more via other email! loves and besos! --Hna Warner

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