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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hola todas personas!

Heyo! Spain is amazing I can´t believe i´ve already been here for a week and a half! this is my first p day and the laptops are kind of weird so i´m just going to type with no correcting so #nospellingbien but hey whatever.
okay first things first (tthat was for you brooklyn) my companera! Her name is Hermana Sperry! she is from draper UT and is my heart and soal here at the CCM! I love her so muvch and i rely on her so much. Her testimony makes me want to be a better berson. She and I have a lot in common! she loves hiking! but she is also really good at sports, is super fashionable and she has the biggest smile and the sweetest heart #blessed she actually got sick the otherday so she slept and i went with another hermana. seriously my heart was broken, she is my family here and i missed her a lot that day haha. but yeah i honestly don´t know how i could live here without her. Oh yeah! she´s going to the Barcelona Mission so this is really the only time we will be together :( but esta bien we will still keep in touch #loves.
So a little bit about the CCM. We are located on the grounds of the Madrid Spain temple and oh what a blessing that is! today we actually get to participate in a session! I´m sso excited!!! we got to walk around the grounds on sunday and it was so beautiful and peaceful it might be my new favorite temple... well maybe Oqquir and SLC still make it to the top but whatever. haha anotherthing about this CCM is that there are people from all sorts of c¡places going to all sorts of places. right now there is a group of Missionaries preping to go serve in Russia, we call them the Ruskies, there is also a group who are going to france or french speaking missions. a lot of the french don´t know how to speak english but they are such a delight to be around and man can those French elders play sports. Like seriously every sport we´ve played theyve shown everyone up.. that is except for Soccer #futbol Hermana Duffin and Elder Delani keep them in check in futbol.
So yeah, so far so good, I love my mission president Packer and his esposa, they are such an inpiration and i always feel the spirit when they are around. one thing that is super awesome about this ccm is that it´is pretty small. there are less than 50 missonaries here right now and this is the biggest group we´ve had in a while, everyone are friends and Not a day goes bye that we don´t see President Packer. he knows us all by name and always has something nice to say, i love him and his wife to pieces.
One thing we do everyweek is we go to the biggest park downtown. believe me it is beautiful. at the ccm we aren´t alowed to bring our cameras until our last day at the park so not until my last saturday. we also arent´alowed to use our cameras throughout the week so sorry, not very many pictures, I´ll take more when i get out in the feild. I love this CCm and i wouldn´t want to be anywhere else in the world. Oh yeah! about the park, it was so cool, we go there with goals to place LDMs and hand out cards, pamphlets and teach people about the gospel, we also try to get contacts. We are given a new compainion for the park so my compainon on saturday was Hna Burt I love her and she is actually from Federal Way #smallworld so coolio, she is super talented in music and plays the piano like an angel. anyway, the first day was rough and humbling, i learned a lot about the importants of being bold and really having a testimony about the fundamentals and doctrine of this gospel oh it is so TRUE! but yeah, we didn´t place any pamphlets but on the way back to the >CCM we made a goal to place a LDM on the Metro and we did!! It was such an awesome experience, God answers our prayers if we are willing to act on what he gives us.
I love this Gospel so much and there isn´t any other thing that i would rather be doing. the hours are long and hard but the days are short and sweet. I´m so grateful for my call and i know that Spain is the place for me there is no doubt I´ll be coming back. One thing we watched this week and focused on this week was Elder bednars <Christmas <devo on turning outward it was the best talk i have ever heard. The only way i can be the best missionary or the best person i can be is if i think of other, and never turn in to think of myself.
Testimony- Revelation konwing something to be true
conversion- consistantly being true to waht you know
may we all strive for true conversion and continue to look outwards to others instead of inward. that is how we can be as happy as the Savior is, and I´m 100% convinced He is the happiest person in the history of the world. Love you all! Thank you all for supporting me and helping me prepare to serve these people here I feel your prayers, and know you will be blessed for all that you do and all that you serve.
loves and besos,
Hermana Warner

Oh Yeah I guess i can send you my pics...
1. this is us at the airport in Frankfurt i didn´t get a picture with the Berlin wall while we were there #biggestregret sorry Jessica, but hey! now all my new friends know all about you and they think you are awesome!
2. this is some of us at the madrid airport getting in the van. from left to right Me, Hna Sperry (mi compañera), hna Burt (de Washington) Hna Richardson (de Arizona) y Hna Hill (de Maryland)
3.view of the temple from the stairs we walk every day. sorry i couldn´t flip it...

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