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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Oh I guess i can say more :)

PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH THE FAMILY! I don´t have time to write their emails but i have yours memorized! Love you! Te quierro!
So my MTC President is President Packer, he and his wife are fabulous I love the MTC already! The first thing they taught was the scripture on my mission plaque so that´s pretty cool. The flights were super long but i don´t think Íll have much Jet Lag because i got to bed good last night. but yeah! Here it is 18:25 so 6:25. There´s a total of 32 missionaries here right now so that is perfect for me! I absolutely love it! Now we get to eat!!! :D YAY! Madrid is beautiful
Oh yeah! my first companion is Hna Sperry she´s the blondie with the stripes standing next to me in the second picture, anyways, Love you!! Don´t miss me too much haha!
--Hna Warner

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