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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Adventures in five mins

Yep I´ve been spending too much time writing fam and friends I haven´t even started writing this until I only have like five mins. Four now. Anyway this week was so great!! but again so fast!
for P-day we went to this super cute little village city place, it has one of the oldest universities in Spain there, and there was also the Don Quixote Museum. It was so fun to just walk around in the sun and to look at the art in the architecture and in the museum. I´m excited for when I can understand Spanish enough to read the description so the places we visit will be more significant to me. but yeah! It was still super fun!

Park day was one of the best this week, My companion was sister Campbell, she´s the one from Texas and I blame her for all the y'alls in my last email. sorry about that

So every week we get to prepare a talk for Sacrament Meeting in our mission language, this last week we talked about service and diligence. I´m so grateful for Christs example who teaches me how to serve and love others more fully!
Sorry, one of the elders distracted me with a joke so I didn't use my time so efficiently... oops well I guess I´ll send you some pictures!!  

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