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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Last week at the CCM!

Yep time flies when you are having a good time!!! My time here at the CCM has been so fantastic and I´m so grateful for all the people I´ve met, lessons I´ve learned, and for the better understanding I have of Christ and His atonement.
So this last Sunday we spoke on No Regrets, we all wrote a talk and I wrote mine specifically on loving other´s one by one and serving others one by one, that's how Christ does it so that's how we´ve got to do it too. I also wrote about obedience, if we are obedient the Lord will bless us and we will be able to be our best selves, I have a testimony of that, you can never bee too obedient.
Every Saturday is Park day, I¨ve mentioned this before, but this park day was different, this time I got to be with my awesome full time CCM companion Hna Sperry! I love her so much and she inspires me to be better every day, i really don´t deserve her, truly blessed. anyway, Saturday was SUPER rainy so logically we just went contacting on the metro for 2-3 hours, it was incredible! the first person we met had a music book in her hand, apparently she was apart of some orchestra, any way long story short we invited her to share some of her music with us, she declined and I was like, well you know what, we can sing to you instead! so that´s just what we did, luckily not by coincidence, we both had our mini hymn books in Spanish, we sang to her and everyone just looked at us, people took out their ear buds and we were able to feel the spirit really strong, it was as if angels were singing with us, the metro was loud but there were at least 30 people on each side of us who heard us and listened. through our singing we were able to talk to many people who were sincerely interested in learning more, I´m so grateful for hymns! they always bring the spirit and make me feel at peace. I´m grateful I was able to share that spirit with others on the metro with my companion and I´m grateful for the years of choir I had so I could keep on pitch haha thanks mom.
One thing I learned this week, ¨The gospel isn´t about knowing, it´s about becoming¨"
So one thing I´m also super grateful for here at the CCM is the diversity, we have people here from Spain, Italy, Russia, New Zealand and all over north and south america! People here are learning Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. and with a CCM with less than 70 people that´s pretty diverse. I love talking with my new Italian, Brazilian and Russian friends! They help me feel the spirit and I have witnessed first hand the gift of tongues, it is amazing how the Lord can help us to communicate even though none of us know the same language it is wonderful! I am going to get pictures with all of them this week and send them out so you can meet them all too! My last day here is the 26th, so yay!! crazy and sad and happy!
I get to talk with my mission Pres Pack on Sunday and I am so excited! I have had such an amazing experience here with President Packer and his wife and I´m excited to meet my mission prez. I am also super excited to meet my investigators and pray for them! well I need to go eat lunch!! here´s some pictures!

Oh also read Alma 5 it will change your life. the church is verdad y I know it. Loves and besos!!
--Hermana Warner

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