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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Prado, General Conference and life is good!

Hello everybody! How Ya'll doing!?
What a week! Honestly every day gets more and more blurry but still all so good, maybe it feels like when the people with Moses had mana like every day and then they were like eh mana, well it won´t get like that but kinda my brain´s been turned to mush. we actually have this fried... stuff... it looks like a pizza pocket but tastes like baby food... fried... we are all convinced it is all the mush that is left over from the past missionary´s brains  so we don´t eat it but yeah, sorry babies that you have to eat that nasty stuff.

So for P day last week we got to go to the PRADO! Whoot whoot! It was so so so so so so great! The whole time I was just wishing Amanda P. was there with me so she could tell me all about all the paintings and the history of it all, it was amazing! I will definitely have to go again!! Love. My favorite pieces were the sketches and paintings from Anton Rafael Meng! It was so choice to see the rough drafts of what would be the master pieces on the walls and ceilings of the Cathedrals. There was another awesome sculptor/carver that I absolutely adored, he made pieces that wherever you look at whatever angle, the composition is on point and marvelous, I don´t remember the name but I wrote down a few that I liked so I´ll look it up later, I loved his sculptures so much and I hope that by the time I´m done with my mish I can look back at any angle or position and just love and appreciate the composition of it.maybe it was Camillo Torreggiani? I can´t look it up so I don´t know but maybe ya'll know what I´m talking about. I bought a sketch book there which is super nice because every Pday I get so art hungry and want to draw so YAY that I get to feed my art cravings! If I draw something nice I might let ya'll see it... maybe.. probably. yeah art is so good.

I have no idea where all this ya'll is coming from but there ya'll go! haha maybe it was because of that cute sister, Sister Neill F Marriot whose talk by the way from Women's Conference was fantastic. Speaking of Woman's Conference, it was so cool to see JoDell and Mia in the Choir!!! What a tender mercy to see some familiar faces!!!
 Another familiar face I got to see is JUSTUS!!! YAY! Bro you are a killin villian in the best way possible, please join Motab so I can see your face more haha I LOVE YOU! I´m sure you alone sounded just as great as the rest of the BYUI choir! blessings on blessings on blessings!

This week I have been trying to read more in the BOM but in Spanish (LDM) It´s been super helpfull and I think it´s the coolest thing ever that I will get to share the gospel to others in their native language! God understands all! He knows every language and person, the church is so true, I can learn Spanish! well Times up folks! Loves and Hugs to all of you! You and I can do hard things!! God is so good!!! keep praying and Keep loving!!
Hermana Warner

all this spiritual goodness though.

                                                                   1. Me at the Prado

2. The Prado

3. Random guy playing the guitar on the metro

                                                    4. more pictures to come next week!

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