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Monday, May 9, 2016

I don't think that I really enjoy the presence of my iPad right now


iPads are a blessing and a curse.
I was just writing a letter and it completely froze on me. So I tried just sending it so you could get something. I talked about English class and a little bit about our three friends (Progressing investigators), Pedro, Ricardo and the last one I was talking about was Leidy.
I really hope Leidy will have the faith to pray to know if this is true. And I hope that we as missionaries will be able to help her recognize the importance of the gospel before she goes back to Columbia. Prayers.
Well I am all out of time because my IPad isn't functioning properly. :/ but I will explain the pictures.

A member from the states named Freddy took us out to lunch and we had probably the best burger I've ever had (I know I'm from the states, but I don't really eat out and try expensive burgers) But yeah it was so so super good!
On Saturday we had a ward activity to play futbol but there was only a small group that showed up and it was super rainy and wet but yep we played so there's a picture of that.
Oh yeah, there's me in a hammock at Judy's house while we were waiting for Leidy to come home.
And a picture of me just in the beautiful city! I need to teach my comp how to take better photos... Oh well! Here you go!
I love you all! Loves and Hugs to all of you!
Hermana Warner

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