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Monday, May 30, 2016

Last week of the transfer

Wow has this transfer gone by faster than my moms peanut butter bars
at a party! Speaking of which, I miss them. So all of you who get to
enjoy them, eat another one for me, I want like 12.
   Because I'm still training nothing really crazy happened with me in
this transfer so yay! I'm still in Vigo and I still get to enjoy the
marvelous companionship of Hermana Schriever. This week was really
good but also just really strange because of how normal it's been. We
didn't travel anywhere crazy and we didn't have a baptism so it was a
pretty stress free week. We have just been focusing a TON on
contacting and teaching members in our area to find more people to
teach. So far we have no one but that's okay! We will keep working
hard and be obedient!
   Pedro is doing so so well. He is my favorite. This week he was
pretty sick so we didn't get to meet with him but he still did his
best to come to church on Sunday. His faith and diligence is
inspiring, he is incredible. We are no longer teaching Ricardo which
is sad but in time he will be ready.
   Last week for P day was super fun though! We went to this cool
park, parque de Castro which has a castle at the top! It was super fun
to go on a kind of hike and I got to wear pants!!! It was so
wonderful. I forgot how fun it is to run and jump and do cartwheels
and climb things. Maybe that's why sisters wear skirts.
   For Pday this week I'd like to buy some art supplies, there's a
super cute lady here named Tomasa who wants me to paint a portrait of
her. I'm to excited. I don't remember the last time I held a paint
brush. Well I do. But it feels too long ago! I'm excited to use my
talents to serve the people here!
Well I think that's all for today! I love you all!
Hermana Warner

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