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Monday, May 2, 2016


Well it's the first official week in the field...

And I love it!!! My companion is Sister Schriever, she is from Eagle Idaho and Is fantastic!
 Here's a pic of us on the train ride here (6 hour train ride)

She and I have a lot in common and I'm so grateful for her as my new companion, although Hna Sperry is super missed, she's serving in Barcelona...
Anyway! Wow, week one. First off we have iPads which is why emailing is 100 times easier to put photos in, hallelujah. I'm so grateful for technology. So yeah 6 hour train ride, Vigo is in the north west part of Spain and its absolutely stunning here. We live super close to the ocean but the place they ship to not necessarily the beach, there are small mountains and we got to see a ton on the way here which was a super tender mercy for this Utah chick who misses her mountains. 
First off our Piso. We live in pisos or apartments, ours has Ben used by the missionaries for YEARS so there are a lot of interesting things we always find, and when I came it was super dirty. But mom, be proud of yourself for raising me right, my first Pday here (today) instead of going exploring and stuff my companion was willing to clean with me (insert another hallelujah) so now it's super tidy and we have food from grocery shopping! YES! 
The mission field is not the CCM. Or the other way around... I was told that everyday would be like park day. They lied to me. Haha jk, but contacting here is a lot harder than at the park, everyone here walks everywhere and with a purpose, so they don't really appreciate it when we stop them to tell them about the love of God for them, and the Restored Gospel (I don't see why, it's only the single most important thing we could learn) So we need to be a little more creative for contacting. And the greenie fresh off the train I probably have too many ideas. But One of them actually worked out all right. In Spain, Mother's Day was yesterday so my comp and I made little bouquets of flowers with a cute note on it and handed them out to all the women we could! 

It was really fun and I was happy to serve.
We walk everywhere here in Vigo, and you can't really see it in the pics I took but there are hills everywhere, I'm super pumped about it so I can be in shape for Pdays we get to go hiking! It's also really nice because if I need some more walking shoes (which I shoudnt) they have them everywhere.
Brayden thinks my emails are too long so I'll cut it down a bit here.

Here's a picture of my roommate from the CCM, Hna Hill and I at the temple before leaving to the train station:

I'm going to miss her and the temple, but all is well because...

Insert really dramatic drumroll 
Like super dramatic and obnoxious because this is the coolest thing ever and I'm literally jumping out of my seat just thinking about it!
Continuing drumroll!!!!!! :D :D :D
AAAHHH!!! I'm so excited!!!! :D :D :D So yeah! Next Friday I get to fly to Madrid and meet him on Saturday! I couldn't be more excited!!!!! Oh so happy. Life is so swell here and I hope you all are doing well too!!! 
I know this gospel is true with my whole heart! This is truly the Lords work! Otherwise I wouldn't be able to speak nearly as much Spanish as I do and I wouldn't be here. I know it's true and I couldn't be more happy to share it to the people of Spain! I will update you all on investigators and such hopefully next time (Monday)
-Hermana Warner
(PS that top photo was taken at a suburbsy area on our way to some less active members, as an artist I'm super impressed.)
Oh and here is an older pic 

My CCM Spain Zone!
Elders Warr, Riggs, Delaney, Waters, Moffat, Wright
 Hnas Sperry, Curtis, Campbell, Duffin, Richardson, Hill, Taggart, Burt, Me

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