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Monday, June 6, 2016

I'm on a boat

¡Hola! So this week in a nutshell was well hmm, like when your car
breaks down. At first your like, "dang it Jim, my car broke down" then
you get out try to fix it, fail, go to call a tow and your phones
dead. Luckily there's a rest stop up the road you can't see it but know
it's there. Put the car in neutral and start pushing.

ThIs week my comp and I really focused on contacting and finding new
people to teach. Our president gave us a goal to make 25 contacts a
day, which you think would be easy, and sometimes it is, but not gonna
lie metaphorically pushing my car or talking to a ton of stubborn
people, is hard. But I've done it 3days straight now and I think I'm
getting stronger from it. I'm confident that as my companion and I
work hard and do all that is in our power to do the Lord will bless us
and we will see miracles.

This week we are going to have a cultural night! Everyone here is from
all over the place so this will be a good opportunity to unify the
ward and invite others to the church, I'm excited. :)

Right now I'm on a boat on the way to the Islas Cies there are a good
amount of hikes there and I guess it's got one of the best beaches in
the world. It's pretty cloudy and I'm sure it's going to rain but
whatever I'm still excited, expect some good pictures next week!

Jk I didn't send this earlier so I'll tell you all about good ole Pday!
I LOVE HIKING! And today we got to go! It was super rainy at first but
the sun sure did come out and I am for sure sun burned. It was
awesome. Here are some pics if you would like more personally email
me, I don't believe in spamming people if I can help it.
Hermana Warner

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