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Monday, June 13, 2016

Spanish Apple Pie

Hello all!
Well i guess it's the first week of summer for all of you out there!
Congrats! Go on a butt load of hikes and go swim in a lake or the
ocean or you know what, just swim for me. Oh and while you're at it,
eat yourself a classic PB&J with chocolate milk or a Capri sun. Yeah,
that sounds good.

This week was full of goodness! First off hiking in the islands! I
already talked a bit about it last week but if you ever make your way
up here in Vigo, you need to go to the Islands. They're wonderful. One
thing that's really cool about Europe is that there are a good amount
of castles, at least up north here, or if not castles really awesome
old magical buildings, it's a lot different from the states.

Speaking of the States we had a Cultural night on Friday and it was
really great! My comp and I made her mom's home made apple pie and the
elders made hamburgers, I stole the Apple Pie recipe so that when the 
4th of July comes around I can celebrate it better and because it just
tasted so good! Here's a pic and you can kinda see the pie. Yum. America.

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