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Monday, June 27, 2016

The miracles only keep coming!

 Wow what a week. I'm convinced this has been the best week of the
mission so far! So much good!!! I am so grateful and still so unworthy
of all the blessings I have received here in Vigo.
        So I think I mentioned a little bit about that lady we shared the
Book of Mormon with last week... Well her name is Jocely. We invited
her to a YSA activity on Saturday and SHE CAME! She was so excited and
loved her time there! She got to make friends with some of the ward
members who invited her to church!!! Oh can I just say, that it is so
much more sincere and powerful when a member invites someone to church
or to an activity as a friend instead of the missionaries doing it. I
mean we can but I think she was so much more happy to go because she
had friends to invite her. Miracle. And yeah! She CAME!!!! She is such
a light and is so happy to meet with us, she even told us that, "It's
as though it was all supposed to happen that way." But in Spanish of
course. Just by saying hi to her in the park and sharing what we
believe, we changed her summer and in the long run she will change her
life for the better. So. Much. Good.
        Well that day that we had the YSA activity we didn't have a lot of
time to contact, but we went out with a willing and happy heart
praying to find someone prepared, we walked a different way to the
church and that's where we met Carlos! He was so eager to hear more
and we actually ended up making an appointment right then and there in
the street to meet with him again and his family. Miracle. We will
meet him and teach him the lesson of the restoration on Thursday! So
        We've actually been able to teach a good amount this week! We also
taught a cute friend of ours, Wendy. She comes to English class and
loves talking to us about what we believe and has accepted to take the
lessons with us. Miracle. Apparently the missionaries have tried
teaching her before but she was "really not interested at all" but
when we meet with her, she engages herself in the lesson and always
has questions which is so good!! We love her so much and are truly
teaching her because we care about her and I think she can see that.
        It's so important to teach people. Not lessons. There's a new manual
of sorts that just came out from the church called "Teaching the
Saviors Way" I. LOVE. THIS. Read it. Love it. Apply it. It is such a
marvelous tool that we can use as teachers and leaders. I'm excited to
apply it more to my life and future callings when I get home.
Seriously though, check it out, it's on the ap. Free man.
        The other week we also had the opportunity to contact a man named
Erin (yes it's spelt like that) He was out walking with his daughter
in this shopping street. We usually avoid contacting there because
people are always really busy shopping and when one pesos regents us
they all do. But we were there waiting for another person and there
Erin was. We saw him and knew we needed to talk to him. He met with us
last week and we are going to meet with him again tonight! He accepted
to read the Book of Mormon and actually prayed right then and there
with us to know if what we were teaching was true without us even
asking. So blessed. So prepared. Miracle. Prayers. We will see him
        Well if you don't already know, this church is true. It works. If you
apply what you learn in church, actually study the scriptures with a
purpose and pray sincerely you will be able to be the best you can be.
The happiest you can be. I can promise you that much. I've never met
anyone who's regretted reading the scriptures, going to church, or
praying. We don't need to live a life with regrets, just trust in God
and do what He says and the rest will work out. It's not always easy,
in fact I might say it will never be easy, but as we trust in the Lord
and do our best to follow His will, we are promised joy and blessings.
I'm a witness of these blessings. If you feel like He has forgotten
you, remember Him. He's always doing His part. Trust him.
3 Nephi 9
13 O all ye that are spared because ye were more righteous than they,
will ye not now return unto me, and repent of your sins, and be
converted, that I may heal you?
14 Yea, verily I say unto you, if ye will come unto me ye shall have
eternal life. Behold, mine arm of mercy is extended towards you, and
whosoever will come, him will I receive; and blessed are those who
come unto me.

Love you all!!! I hope you are all safe and well!! Prayers for you and
your families this summer! <3
-Hermana Warner

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