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Monday, June 20, 2016

Vigo = Home

I feel like this week has just been a pack full of miracle. Our Rama
is fantastic. I feel like I am finally at home here in Vigo, I know
almost all the members and I'm really good at giving besitos, my
district leader is actually really impressed because all the other
sisters avoid besoing if that's a verb. (Beso=kiss, we kiss ladies on
both cheeks to greet them here) my Spanish has also improved
dramatically. I am able to express myself and keep up with most
conversations. I can even joke around! The gift of tongues is so real.
   For my language study, I read the BOM out loud and sometimes I
review grammar principals. But I'd really say that reading the Book of
Mormon has helped me the most. The church is true.
   Speaking of the BOM we had an experience contacting the is week
that was really special. We stopped the lady and she talked about how
she was from Nicaragua and how she was Catholic. We decided to share
with her the BOM and when we told her that it was the record of the
ancient Americans and that Christ visited them too, she was literally
almost in tears. And explained how faithful the people were where
she's from. We got her contact information and will hopefully be
meeting with her this week. I love the people here!
   Contacting is good. I am really familiar with the area now, well a
lot of it, the area is huge and a half. And like I said last time
people are starting to notice us. We've received more referrals the
last two weeks than the whole last transfer all together. Blessings on
blessings on blessings!
   One other cool experience. Last week we felt prompted to pass by a
less active young lady, we'll call her J. When we knocked on her door
no one was there. We turned to go down the elevator only to find J in
the elevator bringing groceries home. We had a lesson with her active
mom and her and invited J to church. She didn't seem too interested
but kinda mumbled, "yeah" and SHE CAME! But that's not all, the ward
was so welcoming to her! The girls her age embraced her, inviting her
to activities and to be their friend. (This was last week) J came
again this week and she was just so happy to be there. God truly does
love his children and he knows what's best for them. If there's
someone new in the ward or someone who doesn't usually come just love
them. J's summer was completely changed and all it took was an
invitation and the welcoming arms of the Rama members. Invite people
to activities or to church, I don't know anyone who doesn't like
having friends or feeling loved. Serve each other!

I know I don't really have to tell you all this, you are all already fantastic.
Well I guess that's all folks! Besitos and handshakes (;

Hermana Warner

Zone conference in A Coruna

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