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Monday, July 4, 2016


Hello family and friends!
Guess what! We have INVESTIGATORES! I feel like it's taken forever but
we have been working hard and we have been able to find the most
amazing people! We now officially have 5 new friends who are seriously
looking into the church, who are reading their scriptures and praying!
It's a miracle. I'm so grateful!
        Oh and happy 4th of July which is like my favorite holiday so you
best be enjoying those fireworks and wearing red, white and blue! I
love AMERICA! As promised Hermana Schriever and I are making another
apple pie! I'm also wearing my navy blue pencil skirt and I bought a
water melon. Today is a good day.
        I love finding ways to use my talents in missionary work. Last week
we made some cute little quotes, "Your future is as bight as your
faith" to give to people. It was actually really good. We started
teaching a 14 year old girl , Wendy, from English class. Her mom is
inactive but Wendy has a lot of questions about the church. I was
grateful for the little hand out because it helped her to recognize
that we love her and it was also an easy way to transition from only
teaching her Spanish to teaching her the gospel. We also used them to
invite another less active member to a YSA activity. It's super fun to
make them and it's always so nice to get a little gift :)
        Transfers are next week! CRAZY! I have a feeling that my whole
district is going to change, which makes me sad, but all will be well!
I'm so grateful for Hermana Schriever and I really hope she can stay
here with me!
        Well I"m going to eat my pie and watermelon.
        Loves and besos to all!
Study Alma 32 it's pretty good
        Hermana Warner

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