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Monday, August 15, 2016

More pictures than Words

Hmm. Well this week has by far been the fastest week of the mish. But
it was also one of the best!
   On Monday we wanted to go to an art museum but they were all
closed. Stink. Hmm what do you do when there's nothing to do? You go
get yourself the most delicious ice cream of your life. So yep, that's
what we did. I got Kinder and Oreo. The best. Then to end the
beautiful day we met with Wendy! I LOVE WENDY! She is so so good, we
taught her more about Christ and having faith in Him. You all should
read Alma 32.
   On Wednesday we had a meeting for all the trainers and trainees in
Galicia (Northern Spain) so we stayed the night with the Hermanas de A
Coruña and Lugo! Hermana Esmiol was there with us as well. We had a
cute fun sleep over and bonded over pancakes for breakfast. Needless
to say it was wonderful.
   The reason we just stayed the night was because we had Zone
Training the next morning. It was really good! I love my Sister
Training leaders, they are so sweet and I just remember feeling a lot
more motivated after the meeting. I realize I'm not being as faithful
as I should be, I started blaming others for our "unsuccess" and was
just a little blue. But life is good again and I know the Lord has
people prepared for us to teach.
   After Zone training in A Coruña we went to Santiago to do
intercambios with our cute Sister Training Leaders Hermanas Vasas y
Fig-burrito (I don't know how to spell it but that's kinda how it
sounds) jk found it. Hermana Figueiredo. Anyway I stuck with her
during the intercambio because I was with Hermana Vasas last time.
        Hermana Figueiredo is from Portugal but grew up near London. She is
my favorite. We started by teaching a menos activo we'll call her B.
As we were walking to the church Hermana Figueiredo told me about her
situation and that we were going to teach her the message of the
restoration again, but I just felt really strongly that she needed to
learn how to forgive. B has had a really hard life and to me at least
it seemed she was blaming others for it. Yeah the people in her life
could treat her better and love her more but I am here to help people
make the best of their lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When
we got there we knew right off that we wouldn't be teaching the
restoration. We hadn't planned anything else so just before starting I
opened to Moroni 7 and slid it over to Sister Fig (her name is really
long) So instead we focused the lesson on Charity and about love. It
was by far the strongest I've ever felt the Spirit in a lesson.
        It doesn't matter where you are in your life, the gospel of Jesus
Christ will make it better. One thing B needs to learn, and maybe
something we all can learn is that we need to apply what we learn to
our lives. If your life isn't where you want it, I invite you to pray
with real intent to know what you can do personally to make it better.
This is your life. You can't point fingers, if you want it to be
better you need to make it better. Apply the Scriptures, apply the
Gospel. God will help you. Just keep going and be happy. (Read: It
works Wonderfully, President Uchtdorff)
        I'm really grateful for the opportunity to go on intercambios, I
learn so much each time I go and I am always re-motivated to do more
to be better. But after being away for two nights it felt good to be
home. I was able to apply a little bit of what I learned in the
following lessons. This week we worked more with menos activos than
with investigators but they are just as important. There are too many
people who cut themselves short of the blessings they could be
enjoying. Too many people who haven't gone to the temple. I wish I
could shout from the rooftops all the blessings that could be theirs.
But, with President Eyring, "I have learned that the only exhortation
that changes hearts comes from the Holy Ghost." All I can do if pray
and teach and invite the spirit and pray some more that they can
understand their full potential. (3 Nephi 9:13-14 even the righteous
need to be healed)
        Don't give up on anybody. It is never too late to come back and it is
never too late to move forward. God's given us the tools to be happy
and move forward. Use them. Apply them. “Don’t give up. … Don’t you
quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness
ahead. … It will be all right in the end. Trust God and believe in
good things to come.”
        I love you all! I hope this week is fantastic and that you all get to
enjoy this last burst of summery sweetness!
        Appropriate besos and handshakes.
La Hermana Warner

1. The best ice cream in the world

2. Sleep over! Hermana Kletzly, me, Davis, Pitcher, Hinton and Madugno

up front (: oh yeah, sis Pitcher graduated with me from Bingham. Small


3. Zone lunch at Dominos. Elder Wagner, Thomas ( who also graduated
with me...), Kemptz, Romney, Me, Davis, Vasas y Fig-burrito

4. Intercambios!

5. Donuts on the train ride

6. Another delicious pastry I shouldn't have eaten. Don't worry, we shared.

Anyway, I hope you all are having the best summer ever!!! Loves!

Pancakes for breakfast.

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