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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Oh what a week

  Well first things first I guess, I spoke yesterday in church! I was
so nervous. I'm not going to lie, like an hour before church my Ward
Mission Leader asked, 'Que tal" and I just started crying. I think I'm
getting a little soft. But then I was super okay and God blessed me to
say the words the Rama needed to hear. And yes. I talked too long. But
hey 15 mins isn't bad. Oh well. I talked about my personal conversion
and about how conversion is a process that goes on for a life time.
Just keep praying, reading the words of God, going to church and
trying your best to be better everyday.
  I love summer and all but I'm kinda looking forward to when schools
back in and everyone is home from vacation. It's been difficult to set
up appointments and when we do have them set they tend to fall
through. But Hermana Davis and I are staying faithful and we are not
giving up hope for our friends! We love them even when we can't see
them all the time.
  I think I may have already told you but our cute friend Josely is
preparing for baptism! We are so excited for her! But this week she is
moving to A Coruna so we won't get to be there for the baptism, but
the Hermanas there are wonderful and she already loves them.
  I am so grateful for my companion. This week has been a little
rough but together we have been able to stay positive and enjoy the
simple little things every day. We are getting better at finding and
teaching in the street. Her Spanish is improving rapidly and I'm
grateful that the Lord has blessed me with the ability to understand
the members and our friends enough to know how to serve them.
  Well someone's playing the piano and it's distracting me. But thank
you all for reading! I hope your weeks are so swell and that you are
soaking up as much summer as you can! Love you all!
Prayers and happy thoughts!
Hermana Warner

We got to visit the cutest member this week, Helen, she is an
example to me of faith, happiness and love. She's gone through a lot,
especially in the last week but she never hesitates to think of others
and serve them. I love her!

On Pday we went to the docks and put a cute little lock on the
gate! #bucketlist

Just me in Vigo!

 Oh yeah, I ate a fish. It was really good.

Hna Warner and Hna Davis

Sometimes you just need to buy a big American pizza to make you feel better. LOves!


(Picture that was set to Brooklyn, Yes, they are Fabulous!!!)

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