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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

PB&J it's a beautiful day

Hello familia! And amigos.
        Well I'm eating a PB&J right now so I guess life is pretty good. This
week went by super quick. There was a lot of talking to everyone and a
lot of walking but that's just what you got to do sometimes. But hey!
We got to meet with Vanessa, Erin, Wendy, and Nilda this week! We also
had the opportunity to teach Pedro (our recent convert) and have a FHE
with the cutest family in the ward. So yeah, this was a really good
week (:
        I wrote a little bit about Wendy a few emails ago, she is the girl
who comes to English class. Her mom is an inactive member and her Dad
is a non-practicing Catholic. So far we've taught her about the
Restoration and the Plan of Salvation. It's kind of been a slower
process with her but she is so sweet and always asks the best
questions. And guess what! She came to church yesterday! She sat with
me in Sacrament meeting and while we sang the hymns I made sure to
pronounce some words American and sing a little notes out of tune so
she wouldn't feel bad for not knowing the songs. It was fun :) We are
going to meet with her again tonight and hopefully give her a baptism
date! I'm so excited!
        Pedro is so awesome. He was baptized in May and is an active
contributing member of the Vigo Rama. It's so incredible to be a
missionary. So last week when I gave my talk they asked Pedro to bear
his testimony. He did so good! He shared 2 Nephi 31 and even though he
was nervous he was happy to share what he knows to be true. The week
before that he passed the sacrament for the first time, it was really
sweet. Too proud. "That's my friend! I found him in the street!"
        We had the Noche de Hogar (FHE) with Jessica. She is my FAVORITE! She
is too cute. We eat with her grandma Hilda every Wednesday. Anyway,
she has the cutest three kids Sofie, Valeria and Sebastian. They are
hoping to move in October but have to wait to see if her husband gets
the job first. One thing that's different here in Spain is that
everyone lives together. Almost everyone either lives with a parent or
grandparent because it's just so expensive. Muchisimas oraciones for
        But out of all the days this week Yesterday was the best. We met a
couple who were traveling from Portugal around Spain and who
understood English better than Spanish. They were eager to listen to
us and asked if we would share our message with them. We taught them
the first lesson in English. It was an experience I won't soon forget.
It was absolutely exquisite to be able to express my testimony clearly
and to testify of the restoration in my own language. I feel that at
times I am not always the one teaching the lessons, but more the MTC
language tools. I feel motivated to learn Spanish as best I can so I
can have the same kind of experience with people who are actually from
        Well I hope my email wasn't too boring and isn't collecting cygnet
dust in your inboxes. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints is the kingdom of God on the earth today, and that
Christ himself is the head. I know that this church was restored by
the beloved prophet Joseph Smith and that we have a living prophet
today, Thomas S Monson. I know that Christ not only died for me, but
that he lived and still lives for me everyday. He knows me perfectly.
I pray the people here will open their ears and their hearts, because
the message we have to share is truly a message of joy and love.
        I hope your weeks are as wonderful as I know you all are!
        Alma 5
        Hermana Warner
Oh yeah! We didn't really take pictures this week but here is Hermana
Davis and I giving out cute friends Deiby and Cynthia a picture of the
temple to help remind them of their goal to be sealed! They are cute
and were so grateful. I LOVE THEM!

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