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Monday, August 22, 2016

Yet again, another PB&J

But this time it's made with the best fresh sweet bread in town!
There's this super cute panaderia like 2 mins away from our piso
called Graniers. It's basically heaven in a bread store. They
literally sell mana and I'm literally eating it right this moment. The
store owners are so sweet and always wave at us. I'm convinced we are
their favorite customers. It's dangerous.
   But hey! They saved our lives this week. Fun fact about Spain,
there are more holidays or "festivos" than days. And they all happen
to land on Monday, which also just happens to be the day we can buy
groceries, and all the stores just happen to be closed when there's
festivo. But no worries, Graniers took care of us.
   I actually really like festivo when it's not on a Monday though,
this week to was on Monday and Tuesday so we were able to meet with a
good amount of people with the time that we had. One of which was
Pedro! I love Pedro! He is my favorite! He was just baptized last May
and we have been slow on re-teaching him all the lessons with summer
and everything. Anyway we retaught him the Law of Chastity.
   Okay back story, Hermana Davis and I have NEVER taught the law of
Chastity before, like at all, either of us. So we were originally
going to teach him the Word of Wisdom again but got a phone call just
as we were finishing lunch, from one of his friends from the Rama. She
felt prompted to tell us to change what we were originally going to
teach him, so that's all we did for language study. We did all we
could to find a priesthood holder to help us with the lesson but they
were all busy. So in a nutshell, we, two 19 year old girls, taught a
56 year old single man the Law of Chastity with our beloved friend
Hilda, who is an 80 something year old sweet heart.
   It actually went really well! The spirit was definitely there
helping us the whole time. We were able to answer all his questions
and explain clearly the importance of following this sacred law.
   Then on Sunday for Relief Society and also for priesthood they
learned about eternal marriage. I'm so grateful for the faith of that
sister to call us to help us to know what we needed to teach him. He
was prepared for the lesson on Sunday and I feel like it might be more
awkward now. It also wasn't until Sunday that Hermana Davis and I
realized how many single women are in the Rama. There are a LOT. And
there's like only 2 single priesthood holders. So yeah, it was good we
taught him that.
   We also got to meet with my other favorite friend! WENDY! Wendy is
incredibly smart. We taught her the rest of The Gospel of Jesus Christ
this week. (So Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost, and Enduring to
the end with Sacrament) She's been praying and reading the Book of
Mormon and Accepted the baptism date of September 10th! I'm too
excited and happy for her! She is so sweet and seems to really be
enjoying Young Womens. She already has a really good friend there. If
you have any friends that don't have the gospel, share it. It's that
simple. Just share your testimony in simple ways and let them know you
care about them. And then when you feel prompted or have reoccurring
thoughts of sharing them with the missionaries. Do it. I wish I shared
the Gospel more before the mission. Even just sharing a piece o your
testimony on social media can make a difference, you never know who is
   Speaking of social media and sharing the gospel, one of our good
friends Jess had an experience with just that. We had heard that there
was an inactive member and we knew her mom pretty well so we made an
extra effort to find her and meet with her the last week. I wrote in
my last letter that she came to church! Well we met with her again
last week and she told us how a girl she follows on YouTube talked
about how, even though she had everything, she still felt a void in
her life. Jess has a good life, she has a good job, a cute apartment
and her boyfriend loves her, but she explained to us that she feels
that same kind of void, or lack of happiness. I invited her to re-read
the Book of Mormon and to continue to come to church and meet with us.
   Repentance isn't easy but I can promise you that you will feel so
much better if you let go of the things that are holding you back and
if you really truly keep the commandments. I'm grateful everyday here
on the mission for my parents (hi Mom, hi Pops) I'm grateful they
taught me to follow the Savior, to listen to the prophets and read the
scriptures. As I look back on my life all I can be is grateful that
although I am and was never perfect, I can look back with minimal
regrets. If you want to live a life with no regrets, live the gospel.
It works. I promise. No matter where you are in your life, the gospel
can work and will work for you.
   I want to share just one more tender moment with you all that I had
this week. A while ago we went knocking on doors in a member's
apartment building. We met a sweet lady, Maria. When we first met her
she almost shut the door, being a devote Catholic, but we simply
explained that we were there to get to know the people better and to
testify of Christ. We gave her a pass along card with a picture of
Jesus on it and she really liked it. So this week we decided to pass
by again but to bring her a bigger picture of Christ (the one of him
with the red robe, about 5x7)
   She was surprised to see us again. We told her that we had been
thinking about her and that we had a gift for her. Then we pulled out
the picture of Christ and handed it to her with the Book of Mormon.
She was so overwhelmed with gratitude and gave us both a big hug.
(Which is a big deal here in Spain, usually we only get besos)  We
told her that we would love to teach us more about why we are here as
missionaries, and more about the Book of Mormon. She was so happy and
asked us to come again on Tuesday (tomorrow).
   I feel that we as members of the church become so accustomed to the
blessings and miracles of this gospel that we become fearful in
sharing it. I know that in my life, I have been slow in sharing what I
know to be true. I realize I have been blinded by my own pride to
recognize how thirsty the people of this world are for the love and
light of Christ. As we were able to serve this wonderful woman, she
was able to recognize us as representatives of Christ, and as you
serve, the people around you will know as well.
   There's only one life we are given to live. Not two. There is no
separation between church life and real life. It's all real. It's all
one life. Don't divide it. As you do, you limit yourself of the
guidance and blessings God has for you in all aspects of your life.
   I know this church is true with my whole heart. I'm so grateful to
be a missionary to preach it! Thank you all for all the support and
love you show!
   I hope your week is so so super bien! Good luck with school all of
you who are starting up again! Prayers for you!
Loves y besos a todos!

Hermana Warner

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