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Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Hello again!
It feels as though it's been FOREVER since I've written... Because I
don't think you can really count last week... Sorry mom...
   Well I failed to mention it last week, but we got a new Ward
Mission Leader!! Whoot Whoot! I loved our last one, but he worked all
over Europe as a Truck driver and was only in Vigo on Sunday's. But
out new Ward mission Leader is Brother Ludin, he's Hellen's husband if
you are keeping up on that. Anyway he is AWESOME. He's only been
called for a week but already he's helped so much! Like I've said
before, we are trying really hard to work more with the members to
have them help us with lessons and things, so now, every Tuesday we
will go on Splits so we can teach more lessons. It's quite the
challenge but we are showing our faith and proving to Heavenly Father
that we are ready to teach more people.
   This week has been the best week as far as lessons go! We used to
just kind of go day to day, and there would be days that all of our
lessons would fail us. But this week we really focused on the
"Key-indicators" Which means that we focused on having lessons taught
with a member present, teaching less actives or recent converts. We
had a goal to teach at least 3 lessons a day (which for us is hard to
do, especially when they don't show up) But we did it! And we missed
our goal for the week by 1 lesson! We are thrilled! Our goal for next
week is a little higher, but we prayed over it and know it's possible.
We are excited and up for the work the Lord has for us.
   This week we taught Wendy again! She is so sweet. But she is
progressing little by little. To help her and her family be more
prepared we have moved her baptism date to the end of the month. We
are working with her family, her mother is inactive and her father
isn't a member. This week we are going to teach her a lesson with the
Elder's Recent Convert Casandra. Her testimony is so strong and she is
so excited to share her testimony with us and Wendy tomorrow, I'll
tell you how it goes! (:
   This week we also taught Vanessa. Vanessa has been going to church
for over a year now with her mom but still doesn't understand the
importance of baptism. We love her so much and just need to be more
patient. She'll be ready, even if that day isn't today.
   This week we also had two new lessons! One of whom has accepted to
be baptized once he gains a testimony of the Gospel, we are meeting
with him again on Thursday. We also have 3 other new lessons this week
so we will see how that goes! #prayers
   We haven't been able to meet with Erin this last week but.... HE"S
READING! He's in Mosiah now and he loves the Book of Mormon! We
haven't been able to meet with him in a long time because of work but
we are meeting with him today! The only thing keeping him from being
baptized is that he works on Sunday's. Hermana Davis and I have fasted
and fasted and prayed for him ever since we met him and from what it
sounds, he has been able to find other work for the week days. We are
meeting with him again this week for sure. I will let you know how
that goes.
   This has by far been the most successful week of the mission. It
took a lot of effort, walking, prayers, courage and chocolate but it
was wonderful. Like when you go on a hike. It's hot and it's hard but
you enjoy every step until you make it to the top. And when you get
there all you can see is how far you've come and the beautiful view.
I know I couldn't have done any of it without the Lord and without
Hermana Davis. They are my best team.  We also couldn't have done it
without the members and the support they have been giving us. I am
just so grateful. And I'm grateful for this day of preparation to wash
my feet and get back on the trail. I'm excited to see what heights we
reach next week.
Well I love you Fam and friends!
Until next week!
From Vigo España,
Hermana Warner
Oh yeah, for P-day we went on a hike... It was fun... I like hiking

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