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Monday, September 19, 2016

Vigo Vigo Vigo

I remember my first or second transfer going to young women's  with
Hermana Schriever to tell the girls how wonderful missions were. I
remember Hermana Schriever saying, "it's not easy but it's incredible"
I just kind of looked at her and stumbled to testify myself about how
wonderful the mission was even though at the time it didn't feel so
sincere. I remember my heart kind of aching remembering that the
mission was supposed to be an unforgettable incredible experience that
I'd be looking back at for the rest of my life. I reflected my mission
experience up into that point and really had to ask myself if I was
making the mission as worthwhile as it should be. At the time I didn't
really get, I hadn't made the mission such a remarkable experience, I
guess I just lived day to day instead of making every second count.
Not going to lie, it was a really rough start and looking back I can't
believe I'm still in the same area.
   Vigo really has made a 180° turn around and I think I have too.
This week as I've been serving the members and preparing or friends
for baptism I have an overwhelming feeling of love for them and I just
want to help them with everything. Wendy isn't going to be baptized
this week. She realizes that she doesn't have the faith in Christ that
she would like before being baptized we rescheduled for her to be
baptized on October 22.
   So in the mission there are these things called "Transfers" They
are a six week period of time where you serve in a specific area in
the mission. Right now I'm serving my 4th transfer in my first area,
which makes about 6 months here in Vigo. Missionaries don't usually
serve more than that long in one area, especially their first.
Transfers are in two weeks so I am pretty sure I won't be here for
Wendy's baptism.
   Part of me wants to cry and be sad but the truth is that the
mission isn't for me, it's for her. Although I won't be with her
through all these changes in her life, I've at least had the beautiful
opportunity to take part in her conversion.
   I feel like now I can say "I get it" Why they say the mission is so
fantastic and how it's so incredible. It's not because of where you
go, Vigo is beautiful, it's not about the fun activities on Pdays or
the exotic food you get to eat. It's just so beautiful to take part in
the miraculous process of conversion. I've seen members and
investigators alike come unto Christ to be changed through His atoning
sacrifice. It's truly incredible to help them in this process of
repentance and to witness first hand how the Gospel of Jesus Christ
truly blesses people. I re-read Wendy's record that was started about
two years ago. She went to a girl animate about not going to church at
all to coming to church, praying, going to activities, making friends
and sharing the purest form of testimony. She is incredible. I love
her so so much.
   I know this Gospel is true with all my heart al though it is simple
it can really work miracles. I know that Christ lives and that he
loves each and every one of us.
   loves and besos
   Hermana Warner

Pictures from La Guarda! ft. Hermana Davis, Portugal and old houses...
Really old houses.

Chicken and waffles!

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