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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Week 21... I think...

Hello from La Guarda!
        I am right on the border of Portugal and Spain at a members house,
well in President Rey's house. He's not here right now but his wife
Marcela is and I just love it! It's super cute and I love their
        Well wow. So much has happened and I don't even know where to start....
I love Vigo so much. If I had a choice, I'd probably never leave. But
hey! We aren't talking about that right now, transfers aren't for
another 3 weeks... I think... Anyway, life is so so good! It's not
easy but it's good. These last few weeks Hermana Davis and I have
really been focusing on our weekly goals and been keeping up with them
every day so that we can meet our numbers. It's so incredible and this
experience has strengthened my testimony on goal keeping. You really
get what you work for. We've been more diligent this week than ever
before and our numbers show it.
        This week we met with Ruben and Silvia from Bolivia. They have the
cutest little baby named Alejandro, I will need to take a picture with
them and send it to you later. The sisters of Vigo have been teaching
them for over a year now so Hermana Davis and I decided to start anew.
In the first "new" lesson Ruben bore his testimony of the book of
MOrmon, the spirit was so strong and they both committed to being
baptized. The only problem is that they aren't married yet, so Hermana
Davis might throw a wedding next transfer! I think it sounds
wonderful. They are such a beautiful family and I'm excited to see how
the Gospel blesses their life.
        Erin is from Guatemala. I'm sure I've mentioned him before. He works
on Sunday's but this week we decided to show our faith and invite him
to be baptized. He is the most humble and just man I have ever met. He
lives here with his wife and 2 year old daughter. He has another
daughter in Guatemala and his life has just been really difficult. But
his faith in Christ is so inspiring. He's been reading the LDM and
he's in Mosiah!!! He testified that he believes it to be the word of
God and wants to be baptized. We have been fasting with him that he
may be able to find another Job so he can come to church on Sunday's.
He is so great!
        Then there's my beloved Wendy. Wendy is my BEST friend here in Vigo.
I love her so so much! She is a cute spunky 14 year old who has the
best taste in American music. She's classic. She has a baptism date
set up and is progressing well. She loves coming to church and to
activities and she is doing her best to keep all the commandments. She
should be baptized super soon so I'll keep you posted and I'll take
some pictures this week.
        Well this week has been more than incredible. We worked with members
a LOT. We couldn't have done it without them. For some reason I kinda
just had in the back of my mind that we should only ask the younger
girls who didn't really do anything but hang out with friends to help
us. But this week we had mothers and workers and cute old ladies help
us. They are so grateful every time for the opportunity they have to
share their testimony with others and to invite others to come unto
Christ, even if it means they need to walk an hour out of the way from
their home to get there because they can't afford a bus pass. Their
faith is incredible. I want to be more like them.
        I'm so grateful to serve here in Vigo, I know it's exactly where I
need to be right now and I'm so grateful for the opportunity I've had
to watch Vigo thrive as we've strived more and more to work with the
members. Like I said, you get what you work for. We have people
planning to be baptized, members are starting to bring our
investigators to church and we are working with the ward members to
reach out to less active and part member families. I'm only going to
be here for like 6 months but these people are going to stay here a
lot longer. They're doing the work, we just need to show them how.
        I love you all! I hope your weeks and days and hours and minutes and
seconds are absolutely delightful! Go walk barefoot in the freshly
mowed grass for me!
Hermana Warner

From La Guarda España

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