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Monday, October 24, 2016

I'll just have you all know it's been a good week

Legit I have no time at all! We went on a 15 mile hike today and oh was it beautiful! To train for it we followed the direction of our mission president and explored more of our area. We walk a TON! I love it!!! It's so fun to visit all the different areas. We haven't harvested from our efforts just yet but I know miracles are coming. Most of these people that we are meeting have never even heard of the "Mormons" at all. So it's our job to change that. We are going to make them start thinking the Jehovahs Witnesses are the missionaries. We'll get there! Well this week was great! I completely lost my voice the other day and legit couldn't talk at all..... yeah that was fun. My comp made me sleep all day. And it helped!!! Well here are some pics from our hike...

Love y'all
Hermana warner 

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