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Monday, October 3, 2016

I'm not crying, you're crying. Goodbye Vigo.

Hello all!
Right now I am siting on a train to MADRID! Too pumped. I´ll be serving in Villalba with Hermana Phillips! I don´t have a picture of her yet but she´s in the same group as Hermana Davis I will be sure to tell you all about her and Villalba next week ;)
Well I'm super sorry I didn't even write a big email last week, we went to the islands again for our last P-day together, it was lovely and honestly so nice not having to stress about writing (sorry not sorry) So these past few weeks have literally been a blur, so I'll just tell you what I remember.
Last week we had our final lesson with our Recent Convert Pedro! Pedro is my favorite. I sure did not cry, nope, and he didn't either. Well actually we were all crying. The spirit was so powerful. We reviewed the baptismal covenant and he bore his testimony of Jesus Christ. This Gospel really has completely changed his life. He is a light to me and I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to see his conversion process. I reread over his teaching record. When the missionaries found him he was a grumpy middle aged man who didn't really believe anything, but now you'll never find him without a smile on his face and the light of Christ in his eyes. 
Sometimes when we contact in the street people will ask us, "Do people actually listen to you? Do people actually change?" I love when they ask and I can proudly state, "Yes!" There really are people out there who are ready and looking to receive the Gospel. It may be your neighbor, it may be a family member, it may be one of your closest friends. But sometimes they don't know what they are looking for, and that's why we all need to open our mouths and share what we know. I invite you all in some way shape of form, to do as President Monson instructed and share a part of the plan of Salvation with someone you know. Everyone has questions and we have the answers.

Well the train ride is over and we are going to go be productive. My new comp is Hermana Phillips and she is legit the cutest. 

I'm so grateful for the opportunity I had to serve in Vigo it really is like home to me and I look forward to the day I can visit them again :) I learned so much in. Vigo, I'm so grateful for Hermana Schriever and Hermana Davis they made each day a wonderful day, even when they weren't so wonderful. I'm so excited to meet my cute new family :) 

I hope you all enjoyed Conference, the weather looked lovely! 
Hermana Warner 

Goodbye hills, hello plains.

 Last lesson with Pedro ft. Hilda y Estéban

 Hilda and her beautiful daughter Amanda (Young Women's President) <3 

Linda and cute Antonella!
They would help us with lessons and always welcomes our new friends to church :)

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