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Monday, October 3, 2016

Re:It's Autumn Time...

Hey! I will actually be going to Villalba! It's in the north west part of Madrid. Pumped. 
I haven't been able to watch all of conference yet, I watched the two morning sessions in spanish and I watched the women's conference as well I LOVE CONFERENCE! 
 So yeah, right now I'm on a train to Madrid but I'll send it to you when I get there.
I'll write more in the big email... And I have so many pictures!!!! I'll send them all to you (:

This is Hilda and her Daughter Amanda. Hilda feeds us every Wednesday and helps us with our lessons with Pedro. Amanda is the Young Women's President. They are the sweetest people and I absolutely love them with all my heart!  I didn't start crying until after I hugged them 

This is Linda and Antonella. They are so cute! They help us with lessons with our young women aged amigos they are such a light to me and are incredible missionaries already <3

We had Zone Conference in Vigo this week! This is the goofy picture! We had so much fun! We learned more about the importance of sharing the Book of Mormon and how to share it. I really needed it and I'm grateful for the inspiration President has to help us improve. They came with the Esmiols and also his cute parents! They are serving a mission as temple presidents somewhere right now but I'm so glad I got to meet them. Hermana Pack (his mom) sang to us in her talk. She has such a beautiful voice, it was all around just lovely. I'm just so grateful.

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