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Monday, October 10, 2016


Villalba. Well it's definitely not Vigo but it's pretty good. Everything is different. The members the people the missionaries. Everything. 

So yeah! My cute companion is Hermana Phillips! I love her so much! She is from California and this is her first transfer out of training. She is kind to everyone and loves everyone we meet. She is always saying hi to random people in the street and just likes to be happy. We pals.

The WARD here is incredible. It's super strong and I think a lot has to do with the fact that most of the members here are actually from Spain and aren't just living her for work. I've had the opportunity to meet a lot of the leaders this last week, which I'm super grateful for but now I think I might have to actually start using the zeta and talking like a Spaniard. I guess I just sound like I'm speaking general Spanish. Eh, whatever.

Like I said this place is super different the area that we stay around is a lot smaller than Vigo and there are a ton more families. The first day I was here I was just in awe with how many teenagers I've seen... wait, there are teenagers in Spain? In Vigo there were just really old people, middle aged people and their babies. Anyway, the people here are generally really nice and open. Well just be walking down the street talk to the first people we see and they be like, "okay cool, you want my number and address" and I'm usually down to take it. CRAZY. So yeah, last week we mostly focused on contacting but this week we have a ton of first lessons set up so we will see how it goes!

We had a really cool experience this week. On Tuesday we went to teach our friend Julie. We talked about faith and read the introduction of the Book of Mormon. We met with her again on Friday ready to review the plan of salvation real quick then to finish teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. But she brought a friend! We started teaching the plan of salvation and her friend Camelia said, "I've always wondered why bad things happen in the world and why good people die young."

I'm so grateful that the gospel and it's perfect truths have been restored. By a prophet of God. We have the answers to the questions of the soul. I loved the talk by President Utchdorf about the plan of salvation. I know its true and I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to teach about it almost everyday. 

Well I love you guys. Y'all are chill.

From Villalba Spain
Hermana Warner 

We had a fun activity. It was like a welcome to Relief Society for the YSA girls. My ward is cute.

Hermana Phillips and I always find ourselves on beautiful adventures. 

Look there are mountains! And it's dry like Utah! I'll probably move to Oregon when I get back.

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