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Monday, November 7, 2016

Ninez spoke in Conference!

Hey hey hey
Well it's another week in Villalba! I honestly can't believe I've already been here a month. Crazy. I love Villalba! The members here are incredible and I'm so excited for all the new friends we've been meeting. Thanks for everyone who's given advice and for all the prayers in our behalf. Prayers are being answered. People are being found. We are praying for miracles this week.
So update. Sadith, our friend that was going to be baptized this week, hasn't been coming to church so we will have to postpone it. Satan doesn't give anyone a break. She's been really stressed about school and has had to learn the hard way the promise in D&C 82:10 I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise. We've set some goals and made plans to help her organize her life a little bit more. 
I've been thinking a lot about obedience and sacrifice. We've taught our investigators and other friends time after time that really, when they are willing to put the lord first, he will provide for us. As we pay our tithing, the Lord will help us, as we keep the sabbath day holy, the Lord will give us strength to take on the challenges in the coming week, as we fast sincerely we can receive the revelation we need in our lives. With every Commandment there is a promised blessing. As we align our will to the Lords, and do as He asks, He will keep His promise.
This last weekend we had Stake Conference in Pavones (where the temple is in Madrid) We were allowed to go to the Saturday night session because our recent convert Ninez was asked to bear her testimony of her conversion! The spirit was so powerful as this woman with only a month as a member testified of the truthfulness of the Gospel. I absolutely love her! Her husbands name is Kike and they have two daughters Maura and Alba. They are the absolute sweetest most sincere people. We haven't been able to meet with them very much this transfer because of their crazy work schedules and because we've all been getting sick. But they come to church every sunday and the times we have met have been incredible. Maura and I like to play with Hermana Phillips hair together and Alba is an artist so we are great friends (:
At Stake conference we also heard from President Pack, Hermana Pack and a member of the 70, Elder Homer. Before Elder Homer went up to talk he was like, "There are two more people I feel we should hear from enforce I speak." Logically I thought he'd invite the members who invited Ninez and Kike to the Gospel and then he's like, "Sisters, will you come up and share your testimony?" We completely froze. We didn't expect it at all, I haven't been so nervous for a long long time. But we went up there said a few good words and sat down. I need to be better at expecting things like this. 
Anyway! It's been a really great week and I'm grateful everyday to be a missionary! I hope your weeks are fantastic and that you bake some delicious pie. We will be. 
Hermana Warner

Photo from Halloween

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