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Monday, December 19, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Good Morning Utah! And Hong Kong... and Argentina... and Brazil... and Arizona... and Oregon... and Idaho... and Florida... and Mexico... and Jerusalem (if you're still there)... and wherever you are right now.... Good morning everyone!
This was such a wonderful week! Like I promised, we had a Christmas Party! One with all the Zones in Madrid and the other one in our Ward here in Villalba. So we took pictures at the Madrid party but i don't have any of them right now... But it was super cool!  Got to see all of my companions again! (Hermana Schriever, Davis, Phillips and Koeber... well she's still my comp ;) It was so wonderful! I'm so grateful for the incredible friendships I've made here in Spain, it was a very nice reunion. (:
The Ward Christmas party was so well done. Nines (our 3 month recent convert) was in charge of it and she did a FANTASTIC job. The theme of the night was "Humility" so we dressed up as if we were in biblical times (kinda) sat on mats and ate theme fitting food from the markets. It was so beautiful, I couldn't have been more proud of Nines! She is incredible. I will attach the photos at the end, definitely an occasion for the books.
Then the last of the celebrations we had a baptism yesterday! Her name is Emma, she's the youngest of a part member family that we've been eating with and she just turned 8. It was such a beautiful service, the spirit was so powerful as she and her mother and sisters bore their testimonies of the truthfulness of the gospel and of our Savior Jesus Christ. They invited EVERYONE. I admire their confidence as they share what they believe with others. They had been planing the baptismal service for over 3 months and inviting their friends and family to the sacred event.
In the scriptures, baptism is described as the gateway to the straight and narrow path. It's the first covenant we make with the Lord and so important that Christ himself did it. I loved watching this family as they recognized the importance of the event and hope to remember their faith and testimony as I prepare myself every Sunday to partake of the sacrament.
I'm so grateful to be a missionary during the most wonderful time of the year! I absolutely love it! It's incredible to see the change in everyone all around me and for the light of Christ that shines just a little bit brighter every day. I am so grateful for this Gospel, that it has been restored, never to be taken away from the earth again. I'm so grateful for my family and for all of you who support me. If you haven't already, I highly recommend reading or listening to or watching the Christmas Devotional. I'm so grateful for our Savior and know that He lives. No matter how many people don't believe it, it will always be true. I am grateful for that truth.
I hope you all have a very merry Christmas!
Loves and snowflakes ❄️☃️
Hermana Warner

1. Nines at the ward Christmas Party
2. Emma's Baptism!

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