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Monday, December 19, 2016

Never Fear, Snowflakes Are Here!

I figured you'd all like to know how to make the snowflakes so I made step by step instructions on how... (:

1. Fold a normal paper hamburger style, keep it folded.
2. Fold in half again but only press the folded corner. Like this.

3. Fold at a 45° (I think, I don't know math anymore) making a triangle... like this. Make sure that the folds are neat and as exact as possible (I use the trial and error method and just refold it a bazillion times, but it's worth it)

4. fold down the center and press so that you can see the flaps...
 like this...

5. Cut at the top of the flap. (It was really hard to take this photo)

6. With pencil, lightly draw a design and begin cutting, making sure not to cut all the way through the whole thing except for at the end... duh...

(Picture didn't load)

7. Erase the pencil marks and unfold! Vuala! You got yourself a pijo looking snowflake.

Tune in next time to discover more snowflake making next week!
I love you girlfriends.

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