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Monday, January 2, 2017


Whoot Whoot!!!
Happy New Year! What a year and what a week! 2016 was an incredible year and I look forward to what the Lord has in store for Spain in 2017.
This week we've seen a lot of miracles and a lot of blessings. When you are obedient, diligent and faithful, the Lord works wonders.
Well, yesterday, last minute they cancelled the last two hours of church. While everyone else was silently and secretly celebrating, us missionaries were all like, "Shoot, it's flipping cold out and a holiday, what are we supposed to do for the next two hours?" Luckily the day before Hermana Koeber and I had already discussed and felt prompted to walk one of our widow friends, Adi, home. So when the meeting ended we looked for Adi but she was gone. We continued to talk to other members when I saw  Adi slip out of the bishops office and out into the street. We quickly finished the conversation we were in the middle of and went off to find her. After walking for a while we realized there were two different routes she could have taken to get home, acting quick, we took the longer busier route. We walked with haste not knowing whether or not we would actually find her when suddenly, in the distance i saw a fuzzy brown pompon ball on top of her grey winter hat. "I think that's her!" I called to my comp and we sped toward her. 
She was still a good way away from us but i was pretty sure it was her. I prayed in my heart that she would slow down or turn around, and as though the thoughts slipped out of my mouth and into her mind, Adi stopped abruptly, turned around and started running toward us!  She told us that as she was walking she felt prompted to share the gospel with the young men that passed her. So yep, the three of us went booking it to share the gospel but we couldn't catch up to them. She turned around a little defeated but accepted our invitation to walk her home. She told us how disappointed she was in herself that she didn't bring a soul unto the Lord last year. She told us that she had tried but that it wasn't good enough, she still needed to keep working. She then began telling us of her new friend who needed the gospel and decided to take us straight to this friends house. When she let us in, Adi insisted we teach the first lesson. So when the spirit gave us permission, we did, and it was incredible. 
I don't know if anything is going to happen with Adi's friend but I pray that we can help Adi bring someone to Christ this year. I'm grateful for her example to me that it is never too late or too early to share the gospel. It doesn't matter how old you are or where your life is right now, you can always share you testimony and a smile.
The Lord blesses us when we are obedient, diligent and faithful. Act on the prompting the Lord gives you and have confidence in the Lords blessings. I'm so grateful for this new year i get to spend in Spain, what a blessing. I hope you all are safe and warm this winter!
Lots of hugs and awkward besos!
Hermana Warner

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