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Monday, December 26, 2016

I LOVE SPAIN! I love the food I love the people I love the history I love the art I love the culture I love the mission I love the mission President I love my comp oh life is too good! The lord be pourin all sorts a blessins o'me!

I like to read in the scriptures about how when we follow the lord we don't need to worry about what we need to eat or stuff like that because the lord will provide for us. I have a lot of confidence in those scriptures. It's promised that we will receive what we need in the moment that we need it, Even when "the very moment" is a little more stressful than having it before hand I'm grateful for that promise.

I hope your week is so great. <3

No pictures this week, but I drew this of my friend Alba and gave it to her for her birthday, I'm excited to come back home and actually have decent art supplies to work with. Love you!!

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