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Monday, January 16, 2017

No ganas para nada, lo siento

This week was so good and so crazy!! We invited three of our friends
to be baptized this week and they said YES! Hallelujah! We can only
meet once a week with them though so I will update you about when and
One of our cute friends is Emma. Her mother was baptized many years
ago and hasn't been to church since moving here and being married. I
found her in the street with Hermana Phillips and they finally met
with us! Emma came to church with her mom on Sunday and oh was it a
blast! She is my favorite! When they passed the sacrament she
carefully picked the está looking piece of bread plopped in in her
mouth nodded her head with satisfactory and gave a big "ok" sign to
the deacon. She then proceeded to pass the bread to her mother and
exclaimed, "try it! It's riquísimo!"
And it really is. I'm so great full for this gospel. I'm so grateful
for our Lord and Savior, for His infinite and perfect atonement. He
lives. And because he lives we don't have to sit hopelessly we can
start again we can turn the page and be better than we were yesterday.
I'm so grateful for this gospel and for the opportunity I have to
share the deliciousness to everyone I meet.
I hope you all have a great week!
All the love and happiness and leaves and flowers!

Hermana Warner

 Not an explosion, a sunrise out my piso.

Zone Conference

(Elder Kyle Gearig and Hermana Maddie Pitcher)

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