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Monday, February 27, 2017

Mission tour and Intercambios

Did January and February just fly or what? I can't believe we are already in March this week. CRAZY!

This week was super loco.... we had a mission tour from Elder Soares of the 70. Wow. He and his wife are spiritual beacons. They are absolutely incredible and I learned so much from their words and their example. They focused the importance of planning, serious goal setting, Companionship study, and what it means to be a representative of Christ. I wrote all about it in my journal but if you want to know more about it just ask me (: 

With them coming down we had TWO intercambios (I guess they're called exchanges in english...) anyway its when other sister missionaries in our zone come and stay with us for 24 hours. We then split up the two companionships and learn, study, plan, practice and teach with the other sister. The first intercambio I had was with Hermana Hinton from Colorado! She is my favorite. We were in Galicia (north western Spain) together for 6 months and are now again serving pretty close to each other. She finishes her mission here in Spain in 3 weeks so I honestly learned so much more from her than I'm sure she learned from me. While on the intercambio we go to take some reactivated members to the temple to do baptisms. We didn't get to go in but we waited outside the temple with Camila and worked on Personal Progress together. (I love personal progress! I'm so excited to work on it with you and Lindsey when I get home Libby! You're getting so old! I love you!!!XOXOX)

It was kinda of crazy but Hermana Hinton already knows my area so we didn't get lost (: they left around 2ish on Thursday and around 4 our friends (sister missionary friends) form VIGO came and stayed with us! I got to spend the evening with Hermana Jimenez (from Ecuador) and Hermana Snyder (my actual comp) got to serve with Hermana Duffin!! (Hermana Duffin and I are pals from the MTC, she's my hero and has been a huge support to me on the mish) It was awesome. Hermana Jimenez also finishes the mission in 3 weeks and knows the area better than I do so it was also really successful I learned a lot from her as well (:

The Vigo hermanas stayed with us because we had a meeting with Elder Soares for the mission leaders in presidents home on Friday. It was so great to see all the missionaries I'd served with before working together to know how to lead the mission. We made lots of great goals and we are going to keep them. Hermana Snyder and I felt kind of out of place at first because we are both brand new sister training leaders. Hermana Snyder would just turn and look at me and say that she didn't know why she was there. But she is incredible and contributed a lot. A lot of her input was really helpful for the discussions we had. I have the best companion. She's such a great example to me and I am grateful to be working so closely with her so i can learn even more from her example. #blessed

The more I spend on the mission the more I am so grateful for the restored gospel. We are teaching a girl who has been meeting with the Jehovah's Witnesses. I have a lot of respect for them they work really hard to follow the Bible and live high eternal standards. There are a lot of other people here in Spain that live their lives to the best of their abilities to find eternal happiness. And many people have asked me, "Why does it matter what religion I live if I just follow Christ the best I can?" It's a good question. What really are they missing out on? 

I'm so grateful for the knowledge we have that God is our father. He loves us and cares for us. He wants us to learn and progress in this life. For this reason He has given us His Gospel through living prophets. To give us exact instruction in our lives to know how to follow Christ with exactness. Of course we are not perfect but I promise that as we follow the guidance the prophets give us we will be able to achieve the greatest level of happiness this life has to offer. God has given men His power and authority to lead us and guide us in this world of confusion that is only worsening. We don't have to walk in darkness. We don't need to play guessing games. Through His prophets God has shown us the path that leads to happiness. All we need to do is follow it.

I'm so grateful to be a missionary here in Spain Madrid. (I'm sure Malaga is incredible too Brook) I know it's exactly where I need to be to do what I need to do and learn how to become the person I need to become. 

I hope you all have a fantastic week and that you take advantage of every moment!

Much love and awkward besos,
Hermana Warner 

At the temple with Camila and Hermana Hinton <3

Carabanchel. It's a good place to find people who need the gospel.

We are going to a Forrest park today! 

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