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Monday, April 24, 2017

This week was CRAZY!!

Hello all! 

This week was CRAZY!! Monday was good, we were in a trio for the day and taught our friend Cecilia after Pday. It was really cool to teach her, she has told us before that she didn't know why she came here to Spain (she moved here from Columbia) but when we taught her the restoration she came to the conclusion that the Lord had sent her to Spain (of all places) to meet the missionaries and accept the restored gospel. Sometimes I get discouraged because we haven't found a lot of people who take the lessons seriously, but in this moment I remembered that God truly is preparing people, we just need to find them.

     Tuesday was interesting, we started off by dropping off our third comp in the metro to her new comp and continued with the day until we had another appointment with Sandra la Brasileña :) our member friend Thaina was able to teach with us (she speaks Spanish, English and is from BrAzil. Solid) Well, we started teaching so I pulled out my iPad. A guy came up to us when we started and asked for directions in French (we had the lesson in Burger King) He then left and we continued with the lesson. A few minutes later he came back, sat down at the table behind us, picked up his things and left. We didn't think much of it until I turned to get my scriptures out. "Uh, where's my back pack?" We all started frantically looking and remembered the guy who asked for directions. The workers said that they did see a man walking out with a blue back pack and we knew it was mine. The first thing we did was go to a locutorio to call Mom (hi mom) my mom answered. Miracle. Luckily Thaina spoke english, miracle, so she was able to get my mom to cancel my debit card from home. My mind raced to remember what else might have been of worth in my bag. The only things he was able to take was the card, some keys and my personal BOM. Earlier that day I was carrying another bag because we were in the trio, I accidentally forgot to put my normal wallet (with my transportation card, Mission card, Residency card and temple recommend) back in my backpack and I left that other bag at home. Miracle. 

After we got the card figured out we were able to go back to Burger King and have a fantastic lesson. We met with Sandra again later last week and she chose a day to be baptized.

Although we have trials and inconveniences pass in our lives, if we trust in God we will be happy. We were locked out of our Piso for a day and a half but after sending over a handyman from Barrio 4 we were able to get in and grab our spare key. Many other miracles happened last week, miracles we would only have been able to see with our trial. I know that God has a plan for each and every one of us. No matter how often we forget Him, he will never forget us.  I know the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS is the true church on the Lord today. As I read the Book of Mormon and share my testimony I feel the same spirit of peace and joy that I feel when I receive answers to my prayers. 

Thank you all for your prayers! I hope you all have a great week full of miracles!
Hermana Warner

Today we went to the Zoo!
Also intercambios with Hermana Kletzli! (On Thursday/Friday, yeah it's been a CRAZY week) I love her! She is wonderful!

P.S. Heads up! Transfers are next week! Shout out to my cute sis Brooklyn who will be leaving to the Spain Madrid MTC and the Malaga mission! Whoot whoot!! ✌️

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