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Monday, May 22, 2017

I got to see my cute sister

Hello fam!

     Wow I can't believe it's only been like 4 days since I've written. This week has been really good :) I got to see my cute sister at the CCM (shout out to you Brook) we had intercambios with the sisters from Barrio 3, last Sunday I got to see my favorite family (hi mom) and to end the week we had an awesome cultural talent show for the Relief Society and my ward killed it they were so great! 

     So Sandra is on vacation right now in Amsterdam. We will see how she is doing on Wednesday :) the lesson we had with her last week went really well and we'll see how we can help her :) 

It was so great to be with Brooklyn on Wednesday. After going to the temple (Hna Snyder and I), we went to the CCM and ate lunch with her :) it was nice to just sit down and relax instead of having another frantic re encounter. She's such a light and is going to be a fantastic missionary in Malaga. 

     So for intercambios I went with Hermana Christensen. She is one of the best. She's so focused and really works so hard. She is an example to me and I look forward to continue to serve with her. Right now she's serving with Hermana Tang and Hermana Leong :) Hermana Tang is from Malasia and Hermana Leong is from China just north of Hong Kong. She said she even knew Sister Barbara Woodruff!! (Shout out) So cool! Small world :) Anyway while walking around and talking to people we stopped and talked to a college kid from Madrid, believe it or not we talk to more foreigners than locals, and it was really cool. We are hopefully meeting with him this weekend, I'll let you know if anything cool comes if it.

     Yesterday was a well needed Sunday. I'm so grateful for the strength and animo that comes with partaking of the Sacrament and renewing my covenants with my Heavenly Father. I'm grateful for clean slates and being better today than I was yesterday. I feel refreshed and ready to take on this next week.

     Today we had interviews with President Pack in the  mission home. I really have been blessed with the best mission president. He and Hermana Pack have helped me so much in my mission and I'm so grateful for them :) we also got to spend some time with Hermana Snyder's trainer Hermana Freestone and went to Sol. All I can be is grateful, I really can't complain.

     I hope you all have a fantastic week! Prayers for those of you who have tests and finals! 

Love and be happy!
Hermana Warner

Thank you for the Mac&Cheese!!!! Whoot whoot with Sloppy Joes (:

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