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Monday, June 19, 2017

Baking cookies on the pavement

Hello Summer!!

Holy cows and alpacas! IT IS HOT! I am legit melting. Well not right now, Heavenly Father blessed us with a cloudy day. I legit have never sweat so much in my life. And it's only June. CRAZY! So this week went by pretty quick. We are still getting in the hang of things and with the change in climate the people we like to visit haven't been available, but that's okay, we've been making new friends.

We did get to meet with Isa Mar again! She is such a cutie! She is looking for the truth and knows she can find it with us. We are excited to get her more involved with the the ward.

Miracle moment. On Monday we met with our new friend Javier for the first time. He's an writer and is fascinated with he Book of Mormon. We had set up a follow up appointment but he ended up being out of Madrid for work. Luckily there was a lovely lady sitting right next to us, we started talking with her and were able to teach the first lesson. And guess what! She lives in our area! Miracle. Even though our plans didn't work out, God had another plan for us. I'm grateful for how attentive He is and for all He does o help us in His work.

Yesterday we also got to meet with our new friend Antonia. She is one of the most faithful women i have ever met. She shared with us her experiences in her life. God has always provided and she trusts firmly in Him. But more than that, she understands that faith without works is dead. She truly is a woman of action. I'm so excited to see how applying the gospel in her life will bless her. She's definitely one of the elect.

Well this week in a nut shell was an adventure. I love Hermana Ibáñez, I'm already learning so much from her! She's so patient with me and so good to me all I can be is grateful. I also feel like my Spanish is getting so much better! Whoot whoot! I'm so happy to be here in barrio 9 and with her. 

Sorry not the most exciting email, this week we will be having Concilio and intercambios with the sisters of Móstoles again so I'm sure next week's email will be more fun. I hope you all have a great week!!! 

Loves and hugs,
Hermana Warner 

She be teaching me how to cook good food #blessings

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