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Monday, June 12, 2017

Llaollao sounds really good right now

Buenos días! 

Que tal todo!? I hope all of you are doing so well and enjoying your little taste of summer! Can I just say time goes by ssooooooo quick. I feel like I just got here in Barrio 9 (Carabanchel) but I've already been here for three transfers (18 weeks). Today I had to say goodbye to one of my dearest companions and friends. Hermana Snyder is such an incredible missionary and I'm grateful everyday that I've had the opportunity to serve with her here in Carabanchel. I've learned so much with her these last three transfers and I wouldn't change it for anything. 

     Now I'm sitting here in Chamartin waiting for my new comp... drumroll please *insert my flailing my arms and legs around slapping and kicking everything in reach, including Hermana Tang, (sorry Hermana Tang)* HERMANA IBÁÑEZ!!! Whooooo whooooo whiooo whooo whooooooottttt!!! The crowd goes wild children are crying, chavales are screaming and everyone's so excited to welcome this Bolivian model with open arms and lots of food *shout out to all the good food here👌* I'm actually pretty excited, I haven't had a native companion yet so I'm really looking forward to learning from her. We have a super busy and exciting transfer ahead of us, I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store.

     Well this week was a roller coaster, well this whole transfer has been haha but it's been incredible. On Tuesday we had an awesome visit from our 70 friend Elder Gay. He served here in the Spain Madrid mission 40 years ago. It was rewarding to take a step back and look at the mission in his eyes. He explained that there was not even a church building when he served here, they held sacrament meeting in the kitchen of their small shared Piso and had to ask the Jehovah Witnesses to use their baptismal font. He spoke to us about how missionary work is a revelatory work and how we can receive that revelation. It was really refreshing and eye opening and I am already finding the mission so much more rewarding as I've been applying what I've learned.

     Right after the visit of Elder Gay I went on an intercambio with my cute friend Hermana Jarman! Ah I just love her. We taught an interesting and very funny guy from New Zealand and organized a mission week for the ward in Leganes. She's such a cutie and I love spending time with her!

     The rest of this week was legit a blur. We taught Sandra again and we are going to keep meeting with her, thank you for all the prayers in her behalf! Poco a poco. We also met with a new friend JAS(YSA) Armando, he even came to the ward JAS activity we had yesterday and is starting to get  involved. Then on Saturday we met with our new friend Isa Mar!! She is so great and I look forward to all the lessons to come with her :)

     All in all things are looking pretty up here in B9. I'm going to miss Hermana Snyder a lot #shesfamilynow but I know she and I are where we are suppose to be. I'm so grateful for this last transfer and can't wait to start running into this one. I hope you all are doing fantastic and that your week is full of stories and memories that you can tell me to, Oreos :) 

     Love you all!
Hermana Warner

Hermana Snyder

Sushi with Hermana Jarman

Dream district ft. Carpenter, Chandler, Taylor, Knaphus and Snyder

Helping our new friend catch his train with Hermana Tang

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