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Monday, June 5, 2017

This transfer is just flying!

¡Buenos días queridos míos!

What a week! This transfer is just flying! Anyway, last week I talked about the activity we had and how it was a huge success... that is until the after effects. One of the sauces wasn't prepared properly and the whole ward got sick who ate it. Luckily I declined the kind offer to smother my potatoes in it, but there were many others who unfortunately didn't, including many new friends and my companion. (When I say "friends" I am usually referring to people we have plans to meet with teach them about Christ and His church) So the start of the week was a little rough in that aspect. But Hermana Snyder has been strong and the members have allowed her to choose her portion of food #blessings 

On Monday we bid farewell to our cute friend Cecilia, she no longer lives in our area and has plans to move back to her country if she doesn't find a job in the next week. The lesson was centered completely in Christ and His Atonement. I'm so grateful for the blessing it is to have a testimony that I know Christ knows exactly what I'm going through. He knows how to help me and make me stronger than I am. He has lead me and guided me through His perfect example, revelation and through His faithful servants. I'm grateful for His Grace, patience and love for each and every one of us
In my last email I talked about our friend Evelyn, well we were able to meet with her again this week and she is incredible. When we met with her last week we were on intercambios with the Barrio 3 Hermanas, I was with Hermana Leong and Christensen. I feel like I learned so much from that intercambio about faith, patience, diligence and just using common sense. So I said we found her in the street again and set up an appointment for Friday. Hermana Snyder and I were kind of running around because we had a lunch appointment and then needed to pick up the B3 Hermanas we had the lesson written down for 4:30 but because of all the craziness, we got there a little late. We rang her doorbell (the little box outside the gate of the apartment building) no answer. We rang it again 2 more times and I started to feel a little discouraged. I then tried calling her and her cousin who wanted to meet with us as well. Neither of them answer. I began to think, "Are they even interested? Why do they never answer us?" The three of us (Hermana Leong, Christensen and I) sat down to make a plan. We figured we should probably just leave when Hermana Leong offered to say a prayer. In her cute broken Spanish plea, she helped Heavenly Father understand our situation. She also explained how important it was for us to teach Evelyn so that she too could have the truth and happiness that the gospel brings, we also wanted to give her a little jar of goodies we made for her birthday. As she closed, we decided not to give up and at least drop off the goodies on her doorstep.(not as easy as it sounds) 

Someone went to the gate and we were able to get in with them to wait outside the actual apartment building. We went to the entrance and to our happy surprise someone was exiting and allowed us to enter. We then hiked up the 4 flights of stairs to her door we were placing the jar of goodies on her place-mat when the phone starts to ring. I answer and it's Evelyn! She explained that she was taking a nap and asked if we were close I told her we were at her door mat an she opened the door. 

We were able to teach her in unity about he importance of prayer, reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church. It was perfect and I felt pretty good, we taught her the lesson, all is well. But instead of closing Hermana Christensen decided to teach me a lesson. She turned to Evelyn, looked her straight in the eyes and asked her, "Evelyn, why did you decide to meet with us?" Evelyn really opened up as Hermana Christensen continued to ask her questions and truly listen to her response.

At times I get so caught up with the to-do lists that I forget even why we have them. I wasn't there to teach a lesson I was there to teach Evelyn. Hermana Christensen recognized that and helped me to recognize that as well. I'm so grateful for her example and for the opportunity I have to work with her, Hermana Leong and so many other incredible, faithful individuals.

This week we went on two other intercambios back to back. I worked with Hermana Storheim from Grand Junction and Hermana Webster again from Houston. They are both just fantastic sisters and it was such a blessing to work with the two of them. 

I'm learning so much everyday. I am so grateful for the mission. It's nothing I ever imagined it to be but it's more amazing than I could have ever hoped for it to be. I'm so grateful for Hermana Snyder, her example to me and her 100% dedication to serving the Lord. Every week we have our ups and downs but the ups always out shine the downs. I wouldn't trade the time I have here for the world. 

Thank you all for all the support, love and prayers! I am truly just so grateful. I hope you all have a wonderful week full of tender mercies and smiles!

All the awkward besos!
Hermana Warner

Hermana Leong, me, Hermana Tang, Hermana Snyder, Hermana Christensen😍

Muumuu sleep over with Hermana Storheim and Kletzli👌😴

Hermana Jarman and Hermana Webster 😘
Oh yeah, heads up, transfers are next week.

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