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Monday, July 17, 2017

¡Canta y no llores!

WHAT A WEEK! Oh my goodness this week was INSANE! But good... mostly.... yeah I'd say it's still been a pretty good week.

     Okay first things first...... INTERCAMBIOS! Well, intercambio, the best longest intercambio of my life. I got to spend some lovely days with my cute sister Hermana Jarman. She is legit my FAV. She hasn't been feeling good all week so I spent the weekend with her. And in spite of all the pain and hardship she had to pass through, I legit have never seen anyone come out so strong. She is an example to me of humility, love, sincerity, confidence and accepting the Lords will no matter how difficult. She is an inspiration. When she becomes a public speaker I invite all of you to listen to her and share her YouTube videos with all your friends. She is fantastic!

     After the intercambios we were put into a trio with the lovely Hermana Estrada. She and Hermana Ibáñez were MTC comps. It's actually kind of funny, last transfer I was sad thinking I'd never get a native comp and now, I have TWO! They are so funny together and we have not been getting any sleep at all because we can't stop talking haha. I love them dearly and we have been working pretty well together. 

     As far as the work goes, all is well! We had a few investigators come to church! Whoot whoot! Antonia came for the third time yesterday! She goes out of town soon so we are still figuring out a baptismal date :) Also, I wrote about how our friends Sandra and Pedro gave us a reference, well they just went all out and brought two friends to church with them. It was awesome. They both went to gospel principles with us and were able to keep the class on topic and share their testimony when we learned about latter-day prophets.

     I'm so grateful to be a part of this work! And all of you at home are part of it too. As my time here in the mission shortens, I realize more and more that it doesn't stop when my mission is over. Gods work is eternal. I invite you all to take part in the work and to receive the blessings that come of it! Whether it be through Family History or simply inviting a friend to know more, no effort is ever wasted.

     I hope you all have a great week full of all sorts of goodness!

Awkward besos and side hugs,
-Hermana Warner

We found grass... I'd say that's picture worthy #citylife

This growing wall is also pretty legit. #naturegraffiti

Obnoxious glamour shots, smiling in spite of pain #myhero

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